Article Marketing for MLM Part 2… Help! I Don’t Have a Clue What to Write About In My Articles

cinema_4d_questionNow where were we?

Alright in the last post about article marketing we talked about how article marketing is a great way to market your MLM business. And how you can cover a lot of ground with just one article.

Soon we’ll get into the article Title and why it’s so crucial to your articles, actually the most crucial part. Get the Title right and you’ve won half of the battle…

The rest of the battle consists of the article body, and then the other part which is the resource box.

Sometimes the resource box is separate from the rest of the article like in or – but other times you can just sort of flow it into the article itself. An example of that would be like at your blog or at Squidoo.

Basically your resource box, or resource area is the place where you get the click. This is the place where you get people to get their butts over to your website with your MLM Opportunity, or better yet a squeeze page where you get their info to market to them until they’re old and gray.

But today we’re going to talk about a problem that a lot of people have with article marketing for their MLM business, which is…

What to Write About…

A lot of people get stuck on ideas of what to write about. There are tons of ways to get ideas. One of the things that a lot of people will tell you to do is keyword research.

There are plenty of places to find out how to do keyword research online. I might write more about that in the future but for now you can just Google it. I think that there has to be an element of keyword research but you have to be able to make your content worth reading.

Having an article that’s unreadable stuffed with keywords is the sure way to get absolutely nobody to click thru to your website.

There are Better ways to Get Ideas of What to Write About…

Here are some of those:

1) Write about problems that you’ve recently found solutions to… The chances are pretty darn good that if you’ve recently had something that you couldn’t figure out, or had to do some research to figure out…then somebody else has as well. Give them the solution in your article and you’re their hero.

2) Go to Network Marketing Forums and Write About the Hot Topics… Almost every forum has a view count and reply count. Anytime you see either of those in the high numbers compared to the other topics you know you got a hot one on your hands.

Forums are nothing more than little microcosms of the network marketing universe…so find hot topics and f.a.q.’s in the forums and you can bet your bottom MLM dollar that their will be other people out there looking for the same thing.

3) Note: This One’s a Bit Sneaky…Go to Article Directories and look at the most viewed articles, and write on the same topic… There’s no reason that if someone wrote an article on a topic that you can’t write on the same topic with a new spin, or just your own style. Never copy an article outright, or at all for that matter. Maybe read through it and get some ideas, but besides that just totally write a fresh article with all of your own points of view.

4) Questions from your Downline… Write down the questions that you get from your downline and just make those questions into articles. One great use of those articles will be to blast them out to your downline and let them give away the article as well, as long as they keep it intact. Turn it into a PDF file and let it go viral. Eventually it will get into the hands of other network marketers that aren’t in your downline but will soon want to be.

At the very least it gives you a ton of credibility which will help your attrition factor.

Alright there’s plenty of places to find ideas to write articles about for your MLM business.

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