Are You Ready to Join MLM? – Maybe You Should Think Twice



So you’re looking to join MLM but you’re not sure how to go about it or which company to join right?

You see the one negative about MLM is that it’s extremely easy to get started in. What? Why would that be a downfall?

Well it’s because instead of joining to work and take it seriously, with the intention of actually earning an income, most people join MLM simply to just “give it a shot”…to “try” it. Let’s face it, dropping $35 bucks on a starter kit that many MLM companies offer is nothing, and losing that money doesn’t hurt.

Many people don’t even bat an eye to joining at a higher level that most of the MLM companies offer such as an executive pack for $1,200 or so.

Now you’ll be surprised to hear a 24 year veteran of the MLM industry say this, but there’s a good chance that MLM just might not be right for you. There’s a good chance that you shouldn’t join MLM. Bet you don’t hear that very often from other network marketers out there do ya?

But I like to tell it like it is, and essentially MLM is a business, and therefore should be treated as one. In order to be successful with an MLM business, you have to actually work…at times very hard. You also have to do a few things very right, and that means taking the initiative to learn to do them right.

Most people if you haven’t noticed aren’t willing to do things like work hard and master the skills necessary to succeed in life. Most say they would be, but that’s before their favorite show comes on the television, or their friends call and want to go out.

Another huge quality that you must possess if you’re even thinking about joining MLM is to be committed and dedicated to your business. I actually beg you that if you’re looking to join MLM because you think it’s going to be fast money, get rich quick, and easy then please…do not join.

I’ll tell you right now…most likely you won’t get rich quick. Of course that’s all relative to what your idea of quick is but if you’re starting in January and looking to buy your mansion in March then you’ll likely be sorely disappointed in the results. Like everything else it takes work and dedication (there’s those words again) to get to that point.

You’ll have to put in some real time each and every day. You’ll have to put yourself out there to the world, and not hide behind your computer screen. You’ll have to talk to people about your opportunity, and products. You’ll have to pick up the phone.

Why Am I Not Afraid to Tell You These Things?

Well I’ll tell you, as well as give you a little marketing lesson at the same time. In sales, there’s a saying that you should always “get rid of the tire kickers”.

Obviously this comes from the car sales industry, but basically it means getting rid of the people who really weren’t coming into the car lot to buy a car anyways. They just come in to meander around, look at the new models, and just get some stats.

Now that’s all well and good, but every good car salesman knows that what these people truly are, are time wasters. They will suck away your day, and that’s time that you could have used talking to people who came in with the intention to actually buy.

Well, everything I wrote above was absolutely true. Hard work and dedication is crucial if you want to succeed in MLM. Now as a network marketing mentor, and trainer, it truly is a waste of my time to try and persuade someone who isn’t ready and willing to put in the work that MLM is the right opportunity for them. Because basically it’s not, and honestly if they did join my organization they’re going to be nothing but a pain in the butt, and basically suck up a whole lot of my wife and business partner Ann Feinstein and my time.

Do you see what I mean?

If you’re looking to join MLM then you need to be sure you’re doing it for all the right reasons, and you know what to expect. This is just a shot in the arm of honesty…isn’t it refreshing?

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