5 Essential Tools for MLM


essential_tools_for_mlmEvery industry has their tools of the trade. MLM is certainly no different. I’ll admit that most of these tools I’ve listed are geared toward online MLM marketing, but they are what are needed these days if you want a profitable MLM business.

Here they are…

1) Your Voice: Believe it or not, your voice can still be your best friend in MLM, regardless of what all the other network marketing “guru’s” are telling you. Face to face meetings and prospecting is how the largest percentage of my group have built their business…and when I say large percentage I’m talking about a downline organization of over 50,000 people, so that should tell you something right there.

Don’t be afraid to talk to people. It still works no matter how many sales letters you’ve read telling you otherwise… and in my estimation –– face-to-face, belly-to-belly prospecting in MLM will be the last standing champion of ways to market MLM

2) A Blog: Having a blog is your way to get your message out there to the online world. When you blog, you showcase your ideas, your talent, your experience, and your expertise. It’s becomes a way for people in the U.S., to people in China, to people in the smallest parts of the world to be able to join your opportunity in real time.

I will concede that internet marketing does work for MLM if done correctly, and a blog is the fastest and easiest way for you to get started and see results fast.

3) Auto Responders: The fact of the matter is that most people who visit your opportunity site, or your blog, or even read your offline ads will join your opportunity the first time. It takes about 5 to 7 contacts usually for someone to trust you enough to want to work with you. You can’t much blame them. It’s a big decision and there’s money to be invested.

But this is actually true for even the smallest of buying decisions.

Therefore an auto-responder will help you build that trust by exposing both YOU and your OPPORTUNITY to the prospect consistently overtime. The money is certainly in the list, and the bigger prospect list you have, and the more people you have going into it on a daily, weekly, monthly basis… the more money you’ll eventually begin to make.

4) Social Media: Sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are pretty much a goldmine of opportunity online, if you use them correctly. Most people don’t use them correctly and that’s the biggest problem.

There are certain rules that you want to follow, and of course the biggie is don’t be a jerk and spam these sites with your opportunity. The other thing is to be personable, likeable, and make friends with a targeted audience, and share with them your knowledge. It’s simple but people get carried away.

5) Forums: Lots of people visit forums everyday to get info on many different topics. How to make money online, or how to make money from home is one place people go frequently to get information.

Forum marketing can be a great place to make connections, and have people coming to you. Again, same rules apply as with social networks… Don’t be a JERK! Most people will get this wrong so if you do it right you’ll be like a breath of fresh air to the other forum members.

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