4 Powerful Closing Questions to Grow Your Downline – and Why They Work!


closing_the_dealClosing leads in network marketing is a bit of a combination of science and art. It’s a science because you have to ask the right type of questions to lead the person through a mental process, and steer them progressively toward the close. Break them out of that progression and your chance of closing drops significantly.

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The art aspect comes in how you formulate your questions creatively, without raising red flags that you’re trying to sell something. Once that happens then you once again, scientifically trigger a mental state, whereas the close becomes not likely to happen.

If you’re new to the game, then it’s sort of tough to come up with your own closing questions that will lead you to closing more prospects. Learning these through trial and error can be brutal, and it’s likely that you’ll never stay in the game long enough to get there. That’s why it’s important to duplicate proven closing questions that have worked over and over again for successful professional network marketers.

So to give you a head start, and shave literally years off of your learning curve, I’m going to give you the four questions that you should be asking your prospects. I believe once you begin utilizing these questions, your closing ratio is going to explode!

4 Powerful and Proven Closing Questions to Explode your Downline

Question 1:

John, (use your prospects name…not every prospect will be named John… LOL) based upon what you just saw (after they’ve watched your presentation CD, DVD, Internet, etc), on a part time basis, if you were to get started in this business, about how much would you need to earn per month in order to make this business worth your time?

Why It Works: You see when you ask questions, you become less of a sales guy, and more of a personal consultant. Someone trying to help out! It changes the mental state of both you and the prospect. It changes your posture, and it changes the way that your prospect looks at and respects you. It also actually activates the law of reciprocity as well. Since they see you helping them as a bit of a gift or favor, they will feel more inclined to return that favor.

This also lets you know if you’re selling a $500 a month business, or a $5,000 a month business. In other words, it actually lets you steer the rest of your presentation toward the exact desire of the prospect in front of you.

Question 2

John, about how many hours per week could you dedicate in order to develop that $_____ per month income? (Then just let them answer you …)

Why It Works: Making them tell you how much time they’re able to dedicate toward the business – or actually what they’re willing to put in is the answer you’re getting – then you’re letting them commit themselves to that amount of time publicly.

This is a very strong mental trigger. Once somebody commits out loud what they’re willing to do, they will usually do everything in their power to do it. This is the Law of Commitment and Consistency in action.

You see, as humans we have a nearly obsessive desire to be (and to appear) consistent with what we have already done, or stated what we would do. We behave consistently with that commitment, and pressures will cause us to respond in ways that justify earlier decisions.

Question 3:

John, about how many months would you be willing to work ______ per week to develop your $______ per month income? (Again, just stop and let them answer you….)

Why it Works: This goes more into the Commitment and Consistency. It lets you know and lets them state out loud how long they’re willing to work to make this happen.

Also, by the time you get to the answer for question number 3, you’re able to tell if the prospect has reasonable expectations. If not, then you must let them know that they’re expectations are unreasonable (remember, you’re consulting not selling). It’s up to you to either get them on the right track, or let them go.

Question 4:

John, if I could show you how to earn that $________(their answer), working part-time _____(their answer) hours per week over the next _____(their answer) months, is there anything else you need in order to get started today?

Why It Works: Essentially, number 4 is the true closing question. They’ve committed, committed, and committed, and now it’s time for them to be consistent. Basically they’ve framed the entire presentation for you, and they’ve created the selling points on their own because of the power of questions. You’ve just coached them through the process.

More than likely at this point they’ll be fired up and ready to go. And as the added bonus, they now already are looking at you as their coach. That’s huge!

Now go put this in action and watch your download explode
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