3 Highly Effective Sources of Inspiration and Motivation for Your MLM Business Aside from the Usual Places…

mlm_leadSometimes in life we need a little extra motivation. Running an MLM Business is no exception, in fact sometimes we need even a little more motivation than the regular folks out there with 9 to 5 jobs. Sometimes it’s because we also have a 9 to 5 job along with our MLM business.

But much too often people get burned out because when they do need inspiration and motivation to build there MLM business opportunity, they go to sources such as network marketing books and videos or online forums.

This can get old, especially when you’re hearing the same things over and over again.

Sometimes we actually need to step away completely from our source of stagnation and get information from other places that we can then transfer back into our business. In fact sometimes the people who are the most successful are that way because they’ve done that. They’ve been able to bring what they’ve learned to the table and transfer their knowledge.

So here are 3 Great Resources for Inspiration for your MLM Business…Outside of the…well…MLM Business!

1) Autobiographies – Let’s face it. There are people who are living and who have lived long before us who have lived lives that most people could only dream of. Some of these people persevered through struggles that most would never survive. Others were able to build empires starting from much less than you have now.

Many looked danger and fear in the face and went on to do it anyways. While others simply got through mental barriers… some that you may be facing now.

The fact is that reading these people’s stories, and understanding how they thought and the actions that they took could easily lead you to some major breakthroughs in your MLM business!

2) Movies – So how many times have you watched a movie and felt all pumped up and motivated to do something, or be somebody that you wished you could be? Well that’s the job of the screenwriter…to get you feeling so much empathy for the protagonist that you put yourself in his or her shoes.

I mean if you don’t come out of Rocky inspired and feeling like theirs opportunity out there for anyone then something’s wrong with you. How about “Invincible” with Mark Walberg? If that’s not a story about how someone come from obscurity and live their dream then I don’t know what is. And the best part about that is that it’s a true story.

There are tons of movies that can inspire you, and if you know which ones those are then you can use them as tools to get your motivational muscles working and start hammering it on with your MLM business.

3) Your Heroes – We all have our heroes. We all have those people that have always inspired us, and that we have always looked up to. It may be someone in your family like a parent, a grandparent, a sibling, or even an uncle.

It could be someone in your town, your pastor, the Mayor of your town. Or it could be someone from history. These are the people who we know were great and did great things and the people that we may have one day aspired to be more like.

Well, if you have the chance to talk to this person and dig a little deeper and find out if there are things that you can model from their thoughts and behaviors then there’s no telling on the wonders that this could do for your MLM home business. If you can apply some sort of element of their success to your business, this could be a catapult that keeps shooting toward success.

If you don’t know them personally, then maybe make it a mission to try and meet this person. When you do have a great question ready for them…the one question that you’ve always wanted to ask them.

If they’re not still living, then perhaps you can dig up some info on them. Again, autobiographies are a great place to start, but if they haven’t written one then you could find out who they knew and get into contact with those people and pick their brain a bit.

The bottom line is that inspiration for your MLM business doesn’t necessarily have to come from MLM material. It doesn’t have to come from David and Ann Feinstein, or Randy Gage, or Mark Yarnell. It can come from Benjamin Franklin, or even Sylvester Stallone…or even your own mother or father.

Use that and let it catapult you to success in your home business.

By the way, if you want to leave a comment below and share where you get inspiration please do so…it might help some of the other readers get ideas and inspiration themselves.

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