When should you think about creating

mlm training resources?

The best time to build your resources starts after you complete training and move into the real world. You will eventually need to recruit and train new members, so the sooner you build up your database, the better off your members will be. Training resources are plentiful. You can use articles to webinars help train your members and these are invaluable sources that requires updating. Use your time to develop digital resources instead of physical ones, the physical copies are more difficult to update than digital. Keep your eyes open for new ideas for your training regime.

MLM-Training resources


mlm training resources

are one of the most important weapons in your arsenal. The only other one that is more important is your marketing tools. Your resources can be either physical or digital. In the previous paragraph, the digital format offers more flexibility to your needs than physical copies. Digital copies can be updated easily or by anyone if shared through the cloud. Digital resources includes written content to videos. You should have an archive folder for all the materials you have created since your inception into the business. The point is that you need a system to manage your aging materials that is easy to manage.


mlm training resources

are tools to help you properly train, motivate your members. These resources should be developed carefully before you start recruiting for your downlines. You may need to use a combination of finished resources to help your members. Maintaining digital assets is not difficult, especially if you have a home server that is accessible for members. Keep this server off your primary line and you will be fine. As you progress throughout your career, you can update your materials or replace them completely. You can even repurpose them, providing the material is still relevant to the function of the business.

Before we leave today, let us touch on physical

mlm training resources

for the last bit of this article. Physical copies of videos, articles, workbooks or other types of content can be great to hand out. This form is difficult to update, you may even have to recycle the physical copies and replace the whole item. It is not recommended to use short-term training content in a physical form. You should offer a digital format that they can access online. You will save a bundle if you use digital formats instead of a physical DVD or book for your prospects.


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