Mlm Training Resources – Creating Videos for Members

One of the most underappreciated and devalued

mlm training resources

is videos. Most training videos are done wrong; the videos tend to focus on irrelevant information or sales. They push more sales and may jump from one topic to another. The biggest problem with video creation is the cost involved in making a good video. There are affordable tools that can be purchased to help develop great results. When creating the script for the video, make sure that it offers specific knowledge or skill building. Avoid filler content and promotional aspects that distract the viewer. The video script should help your members achieve a result in their business.

mlm training resources

Mlm training resources

can be difficult to create for inexperienced marketers. Members with less than 12 months in the business may need counseling from their upline. Once you create the script, you should review it for any errors or missing information. Each of the videos should be themed and organized well within the hosting platform. You do not want “happy sales” mixed in with “how to deal with prospects.” Your prospects will be grateful to your organizational skills. This will also help you monitor what types of videos may be needed later down the line. One of the very best video hosting sites is Vimeo, but many prefer YouTube. You can also host them on your site in a locked down page.

Now you can focus on the production of the video

mlm training resources.

You should have a quiet space, a good video camera or equivalent. Most people will use their smartphones or web cameras; this works fine. Do you know why these videos fail often? The lack of editing the video and the presentation of the final production are two factors that most amateurs fail to achieve. You do not a professional crew, but common sense with videos. You should never upload the first shooting without some editing to get it looking right. There are different tools that you can use to edit your videos.


mlm training resources

should be an extension to your opportunity. Your edited videos may not be a masterpiece, but they should have a professional appeal. Some minor problems that you will face include out of focus, woeful sound quality, indigent video quality and human errors. This is why editing your videos are important or even reshooting the whole event. You only have one chance to make a good impression, especially if they are public. What do you think? Have videos helped you reach your goals?


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