MLM Marketing – Why you May Not Be Selling Products

MLM MarketingYou’d be surprised, but even when using what some would think of as advanced MLM marketing techniques, many distributors have a hard time getting people to use their products.

They try and try to push their products, but end up with no takers in the end.

But very often with a little investigating, it isn’t hard to track down the reason for this. It’s a shame, but very it turns out that many distributors are trying to sell their products, but they themselves are not even using these products.

Why Even Great MLM Marketing Techniques Can’t Trump Honest Passion

Here’s the thing…

If you’re trying to get people to use your MLM products, then you’ve got to be more than just a glorified salesperson. In fact the best way to sell your MLM products is by becoming a passionate user, who recommends these products with an honest review of them.

Now you’ve probably heard this before and simply rolled your eyes, thinking…I don’t have to use the products to talk other people into buying them, but that statement alone tells exactly why that approach simply isn’t as effective. Talking someone into something isn’t nearly as powerful as telling them why YOU genuinely love the products.

Talking someone into something is convincing them that they’re good. Telling them why you absolutely love the products, and sharing your passionate detailed experience with them is a different ballgame altogether.

Just think about this. Have you ever watched “Diners, Drive In’s, and Dives” on The Food Network? The host Guy Fiery goes to all these restaurants across the US and he showcases the favorite dishes that the locals go to these places specifically for.

Now he could just go to the restaurant and talk to the owner about the restaurant, and ask the owner why people should eat there. I’m sure they’ll say stuff like fresh ingredients, and high quality food.

Boring. Doesn’t make me want to go in the least.

But no, instead Guy will go in, ask the patrons of the restaurant what they’ve ordered, and what they love and why, and then he’ll order one for himself, and eat it right there in front of you (the viewer). Of course nobody can watch this show without getting hungry, and you can be sure that these places are packed to the gills long after Fiery leaves the establishment.

But why? Because he said you should go? Nope not at all. It’s because he sits there and oohs and ahhhs over these dishes, and the taste of these dishes, often saying how it’s the greatest he’s ever had. He high fives the chef and the waiter, he dances around while he’s eating it. He even lets out an occassional OMG!

That passion that he displays for the food is contagious, and if I were anywhere near that restaurant at the time, you can bet I’d be in my car on the way there after watching it.

That’s what passion for your products do. Not that MLM marketing isn’t vital, but passion behind what you’re marketing is just as important.


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