MLM Marketing – When Do You Give Up on a Prospect?

MLM Marketing

When do you give up on a prospect?

Have you ever been in a situation with your MLM marketing where you didn’t know when or if you should simply give up on a prospect?

I’ll admit, it can be a tough thing at times.

There’s the situation where you have a prospect who shows interest, and may even come to you, but after you’ve taken all of the time to show them your opportunity, go over everything with a fine tooth comb…that they don’t give you a solid answer.

These are them MLM prospects that sort of leave you hanging. So what do you do with those prospects? Do you keep chasing them with your MLM marketing? Or do you give up and never talk to them again. The answer to both of those questions actually is NO!

You don’t give up on them completely, nor do you chase them. In fact we’re not in the business of chasing. If you want to put it in another sense, we’re not hunting for prospects with our MLM prospecting, rather we’re fishing. So chasing is not in our schedule for anyone.

MLM Marketing To Prospects That Won’t Wear You Down

The thing that often happens, for newbies and veterans alike…I myself get caught up in this sometimes…is that we’ll see a great prospect that we’d love to come on board, and we’ll spend a ton of time and sometimes even money (wining and dining) to get them to join that we let other opportunities pass us by.

This will happen from time to time, but you’ve just got to catch yourself. You’ve got to give people enough of your time that you’re making all of the benefits of your opportunity crystal clear for them so that they’re completely armed with all the info, but after that you’ve got to sort of cut them off to make their own decision.

This is because YOUR TIME IS SUPER VALUABLE, and you cannot forget that. Time is something we don’t get back ever, so we have to make sure that we use it wisely and don’t waste it.

Benjamin Franklin said “Lost time is never found again” and old Ben was exactly right.

But actually the trick to it all starts before you even talk to the prospect. The trick is in how you set up your marketing from the get-go. In other words you’ve got to set up your MLM marketing so that it gets rid of the tire kickers right away before you’ve wasted your time on them.

This means setting up your MLM marketing systems so that by the time the prospect has gotten to you, they already know nearly everything about the business opportunity that you’re showing them. So that the only thing left is to answer a couple of questions, put any of their concerns to rest, and then to sign them up.

If they don’t sign up at that point, then they go right back into the marketing funnel. However, we don’t ignore them, and we keep marketing to them until they’ve decided that they ABSOLUTELY do not want to join. They handle that by themselves by either unsubscribing from the leads list, or actually tell us “please don’t contact me anymore”.

If they don’t do that, you keep your message in front of them until which time they are mentally and physically ready to join and build upon your business opportunity.

Using automated MLM marketing techniques is the fastest and easiest way to deal with all of your prospects.


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