Fear of Rejection in MLM? – The Easiest Way in the World to Promote Your Business Without Fear!


fear-of-rejectionOne of the things that we face in MLM is fear of rejection when it comes to approaching people about our MLM business opportunity.

It’s essential if we hope to become successful at all, but yet it still scares some would-be tremendous network marketers into submission.

This fear isn’t new, and has been plaguing humans for centuries and centuries.

How to Get Past the Fear of Being Rejected, and Talking to People About Your Opportunity

So I know your dilemma. You have people that you want to talk to about your MLM business opportunity right? You’ve got that uncle who’s always talking about starting his own business. You’ve got your co-workers who you KNOW hate their jobs as much as you do. And your neighbor is constantly talking about “if only there was a better way” right?

In theory – and all of the above considering – it seems easy enough to go ahead and talk to them but there’s something that holds you back completely. That thing is actually your reptilian mind doing its job.

It’s trying to keep you out of the “perceived” danger of being rejected and embarrassed. You obviously must overcome this if you want to get ahead, and there are many ways to do this.

One of the ways to get past the fear of talking to prospects in a multi level marketing opportunity is to be sure that you’re taking yourself out of the equation as much as possible in the beginning. How the heck do you do that?

Well the great thing is that if you’re MLM business opportunity is worth it’s salt then they have marketing material for you to hand out to those that you think might be interested. Usually nowadays that means a DVD, a CD, and some literature.

These marketing materials are usually the product of tons and tons of marketing research and testing. They’re usually tons of money in the making, and tested over and over again for effectiveness.

Basically it’s a matter of simply personally handing this material to the person that you think might be interested, and saying “hey I know you’ve been looking for something else, this is something that I’m doing if you want to check it out”. Hand them the material, and say I’ll give you a call later and see what you think about it.

That’s it. You’ve now taken yourself completely out of the equation and it’s up to them. Then when you call them and they’re interested… and you’re still nervous… you can leverage your upline by saying, “you know what, I’ve just started this myself to be honest, so I’m going to call this guy that showed me so he can explain it”.

See how easy that is? It’s basically no more than you introducing the idea, and then completely stepping back and letting the person decide for themselves if this is something that they’re interested in.

The true SECRET is that when they’ve decided for themselves that this is something that they want to pursue they are a very STRONG prospect. Once a person intrinsically makes up their mind to do something it’s much stronger than when you try to talk them into something.

It’s their idea and they’re now a force to reckon with in pursuing it. You are simply acting as the match maker.

Listen there’s much more to it than this, and in due time you’ll need to progress in your skills of persuasion and sales technique. I’m not going to lie to you like most others will.

But regardless, the beauty of the MLM business opportunity is that you can get started right away by leveraging tools and your upline so that you’re little more than a conduit.

Please leave a comment below if you have something to share about getting over your fear of rejection in MLM. Or ask a question and we’ll be glad to help!


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