Writing Articles For Your Home Based Business – Why If You’re Not Doing This You’re Crazy



When you have a home based business, the main thing that you are almost obsessed with is how to consistently get eyeballs to your website. We all want to have that website that gets hundreds and thousands of hits per day, and grabs leads like crazy.

If it’s an MLM business like I’m involved with, then you want as many prospects as possible to talk about your business opportunity with.

But website traffic is one of those things that most people just can’t get a grip on.

Part of the reason is that they try everything under the sun. They try every new technique that comes down the pike. They don’t give one technique enough time to begin working before they’re on to the next one.

But the truth is that one of the best, and most tried and true methods of getting very high quality and targeted visitors to your home based business site is by writing articles, and distributing them across the web.

Article traffic is extremely powerful traffic for a number of reasons.

Here are 3 reasons that you should be writing articles for your home based business…

1. You’re giving valuable info up front… People go online because they want to find out info about things. Whether you want to hear it or not, they’re not looking to buy anything from you, not even your top of the line network marketing products. Nor do they care about joining your business opportunity. They just want to get info on these things, and by writing articles, and distributing them to the various places online (article directories, blogs, social sites, etc) you’re providing that info up front, and then simply telling them where they can get more info.

At that point they’re much more willing to visit your site and leave their personal info for you to contact them later.

2. Search Engines love articles… Let’s face it, we’re looking to get traffic for our home based business with our articles right? Well there’s no better way to get traffic than through Google, and the other big search engines.

Well these search engines (especially Google) love article directories because of the continuously updated content. In fact you’ll notice that a lot of them have a very high page rank in Google. Therefore the chances of your article to get picked up very quickly are very good.

3.) Backlinks… Speaking of Google, one of the ways to get your primary website ranked high in the search engines is through backlinks. This means a website that points to your site. When you write articles, and submit them to the various networks, this means that you’re getting backlinks to your site from those sites…which in turns makes your home based business site valuable in Google’s eyes.

But you probably are worried that you don’t know how to write articles for your home based business well enough right?

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