Where to Submit Articles – What to Do When Looking for New Eyeballs for Your Home Business Articles

Where to Submit Articles for More EyeballsHave you been submitting to the big article directories already, and still want more traffic…so you’re wondering where to submit articles?

If so then you’re not alone, especially since Google changed their algorithms around lately.

But now you’ll have the edge on your competition when it comes to getting more eyeballs to your articles.

Where to Submit Article So That the Google’s Changes Don’t Affect You

Article directories probably aren’t dead like many other people in the home business industry are saying, but they have taken a hit lately in the search engines, in just the past few weeks even.

So while you shouldn’t write them off just yet, there is good reason for you to be cautious and go ahead and start submitting articles and content to other places anyway.

But where? If I’ve always submitted to the same directories, where now should I submit my articles?

Here’s a List of 3 Places You May Not Be Submitting to for Starters…

#1 – Article Syndication Services While the couple of article directories that you do use may not be working as well, chances are that one of the many article directories may just work for a given article. Article syndication services send your article to tons of article directories for you, which saves you time, and gives you more chances for eyeballs.

They also send your articles to people who have their own newsletters or blogs. So this gives you a chance to get your article out to a targeted niche and even better, a group of people who have signed up to receive exactly the type of information that you’re providing.

#2 – Document Sharing Sites No I’m not talking about places that distribute illegal music and videos. I mean places like Scribd and DocStoc that allow you to upload Word Files and PDF’s. These tend to rank pretty well and when your article is in PDF format it automatically gives a higher sense of value to the reader.

#3 – Guest Blogging While blogs keep gaining steam among readers online, one of the greatest ways to get your name and content in front of a new group of targeted people is to guest post on people’s blogs within your niche.

Simple find the popular blogs, and start to get a feel for what their content is like. Once that happens, you can begin to interact with the blog owner through commenting, and eventually if your comments are valuable and engaging, then the owner should have absolutely no problem letting you guest blog. This will give you a chance to have a whole new audience get to know you.

Article marketing is never going to go away. However finding out where to submit your articles for larger readership is always a great idea no matter what.

If you’ve got a home business, then you NEED to know where to submit articles.

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