Network Marketing – A Secret Ingredient to Success In Network Marketing (And In Life!)

Network Marketing PerseveranceNetwork marketing, though sometimes touted (by unscrupulous distributors) as simple and easy to achieve overnight success, can be a tough game.

One of the biggest causes of people failing in network marketing is simply that they quit much too soon.

When the going gets tough, most people get going. But if you want to be different, and actually succeed…you need one thing that most people don’t have – PERSEVERANCE!

Perseverance Is The Untold Success Secret for Network Marketing and All Other Areas of Life

If there’s one thing about life is that it’s not hard at all to give up. Giving up is the easiest thing in the world to do.

On the latest episode of the new season of The Ultimate Fighter, with Brock Lesner and Junior Dos Santos as the coaches, one of Dos Santo’s fighters decided to leave. His reasoning was that he missed his family and wanted to be back home with them. While the coach and his teammates tried to talk him out of leaving, it was pretty clear the reason why this fighter was leaving. He was leaving because things were getting tough.

He was being forced to train at a pace that he apparently wasn’t used to. It was clear that this guy just didn’t have what it took, because he lacked that one single ingredient that every successful person seems to have. Perseverance!

It plays a part in nearly every success story. Almost everyone in the network marketing industry who has become successful and are now living the life of their dreams, are doing so because they were able to persevere through the tough times.

They were able to have set backs, downfalls, and failures…and mow right through those. They were able to do this because they knew that right on the other side of these obstacles and let downs was the success that they’ve been desiring and striving for.

One of the keys to perseverance is vision. You have to be able to see beyond today, and into tomorrow, or the next week, the next year, or maybe even the next ten years. Perseverance means having the vision to see over walls, to see what’s in store…which allows you the strength and courage to bust right through those walls.

For us in the network marketing industry perseverance means getting through the no’s that seem to be endless, to get to that one yes…and then starting the whole process over again.

It means stumbling through twenty or more presentations until the nerves are gone, and then working through the next twenty to get your pitch just right, only to work through the next twenty to learn how to answer objections.

It means having downline members quit on you after you’ve spent hours with them in training, and then going through the same process with the next distributor knowing that the same thing might happen.

But here’s the catch. You can’t EVER win if you don’t go through the bad stuff. You can’t come out with a full and happy heart, if you don’t get your heart broken a few times in the process. Obviously that holds as true in life as it does in our tough game of network marketing!


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