Multi Level Marketing Success – If You’re Selling Nutritional MLM Products, You May Want to Target This Market

Multi Level Marketing Success

Multi Level Marketing Success

If you’re looking for multi level marketing success then it’s paramount that you’re targeting the right group of people to market to.

That’s one of the things that people in this industry certainly don’t do enough of. Target marketing!

Now, then the question is… what is a great target marketing for MLM products?

Well let’s do some brainstorming.

Target Marketing Brainstorming for Multi Level Marketing Success

What does a great market look like?

When you’re looking to sell MLM products, you want a market that is worried about quality of the product. It’s just a fact that more often than not, MLM products are some of the highest quality that are available.

Now in our case (my wife Ann Feinstein and I) we market nutritional products. Our Agel products are some of the highest quality nutrition available, and it’s available in a delivery system that is easily consumed.

So the question is what is a market that is interested in high quality nutrition? Well there are many actually. Athletes, health conscious, sick people, etc. But one market that is very worried about what they buy is MOMS. You see moms instinctively worry about what they’re putting into their children’s bodies. They will go the extra mile to make sure that the ingredients are first class, and completely safe. And they’re core concern is almost always the health and wellness of their children.

But here’s another great reason why moms are great. It’s because they talk to other moms, and one mom will NOT be outdone by another mom by how much concern they show their children. That means that word of mouth spreads very quickly about your products if they’re good.

Alright so now the question is how do you find moms?

Well it’s actually pretty simple. It really depends on your marketing methods of course, but essentially you GO WHERE THEY GO!

Where do moms go?

Well offline, they go to daycares, they go to mommy and me classes, they go to parks, they go to each others homes, they shop at stores that cater to babies (toy stores, baby clothing stores, etc.), they go to the grocery store, etc.

Online, they read articles about how to be a better mom. They visit parenting forums. They’re visiting coupon sites. They’re on Facebook. They’re on Twitter, etc. You get the idea.

The basic idea is to simply go where they go, and figure out how you can get YOUR message about your products in front of them. So for instance you can put up flyers in the grocery store bulletin board, you can ask the local daycare if you can leave some fliers or business cards. There are tons of ways to get in front of them.

Online, you can write articles using keywords that they’ll search for about parenting. You can put up a website or blog that caters to mothers. You can go to forums and if you have something valuable to add to that forum you can create an account and point to your website with your signature file. If you don’t have anything valuable to add, simply read the questions that they’re asking, and then go and research the answer.

Or you can by banner ads on those websites.

The possibilities are endless, but the bottomline is that if you’re targeting the right group, such as moms seem to be, then multi-level-marketing success won’t be far behind.


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