Multi Level Marketing – What Kind of Leader Are You, and What Kind You Need to Be

Multi Level Marketing LeadershipWhen you think of multi level marketing, you probably think about sells, recruiting, products, etc… but you may not think of one of the most important aspects of this industry.

That aspect is LEADERSHIP!

But most people just don’t realize what type of leader they should be. After all, if you’ve never been in a leadership role, then you wouldn’t.

Why Leadership Is Huge In Multi Level Marketing

Let’s get one thing straight. Those who are great leaders do incredibly well in this business.

It’s not ALWAYS the case, but when you look at it as a whole, the majority of the time, those who do really well are the leaders.

Why is that? It’s how the industry is laid out, and why it works so well.

This industry is laid out so that success from one person breeds success for the rest. When you’re recruited you learn the ropes hardly from the company itself that you’ve joined with, but from those that brought you in. Or at least that’s how it should be. Unfortunately more often than not, it’s not how it works these days so much.

But the fact is that you’re supposed to learn from leaders above you, and then pass that down as a leader to those that join under you. It’s a simple concept on paper, but where it breaks down is when someone comes along and doesn’t act like a leader. That leads to a halt in action and in success.

The Best Type of Leader for Multi Level Marketing

I’ve always liked to hear or read stories about military leaders who rolled up their sleeves and got into the mix with the rest of the battalion. A great example of that type of leadership is chronicled in both the movie as well as the book “We Were Soldiers”.

Lt. Col Hal Moore is the great leader who went to battle in the American phase of the Vietnam War. But if you watch the film, where Mel Gibson plays Lt. Col Moore, you see that we was the leader that led by example. He was literally in the trenches with his battalion.

He was leading by example. Everything he would ask his fellow soldiers to do, they knew he would have done first, and very often they actually saw this first hand.

That’s the type of leader that gets results from their team. Those are the types of leaders in multi level marketing that get their team moving.

When Ann and I hand over a marketing plan to our new downline members, we have them do not what we think might work. We show them do exactly what HAS worked for us over and over again for the past 25 years, and what has worked for thousands of others that we’ve trained.

It’s all the same things that we STILL do on a daily basis. That’s the type of leader you need to be for your multi level marketing business, because that’s the type that gets results.


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