Multi Level Marketing – Is MLM a Good Business for Retirees?

multi level marketingIt’s one of the things that help gets you out of bed in the mornings. It’s one of the things that keeps you persisting even through the bad days at work. Retirement is the thing that you get to look forward to…so that you can finally be free from the old grind.

However these days, a lot of retirees are finding it tougher and tougher to sustain the lifestyle that they had planned for.

With already hard economic times and meltdowns, coupled with rising prices across the board (food, oil, gas, clothing) it’s difficult to live on what your financial planner had mapped out for you.

So you might be wondering then if multi level marketing is a viable option.

Now of course nobody can make that decision for you. I can only point out the parts of MLM that have helped my wife Ann and I sustain a considerably admirable lifestyle for almost a quarter of a century.

I can only explain to you, from my own personal experience, how I feel about multi level marketing can benefit someone who’s either retired or planning to be retired very soon after – it’s up to you after that.

Why I Think Multi Level Marketing Is Perfect for Retirees

First… Let’s face it, you have a lifestyle in mind for retirement correct. I’m sure that going back to work in some stuff office, or worse, some fast food joint where your boss is decades younger than you isn’t part of the lifestyle that you’ve dreamt of and planned for many years is it?

Well with multi level marketing, you’re essentially opening and running your own business from home. This means that you’re your own boss and you work the hours you set, not the ones that are set for you.

Second… You probably don’t feel like doing a bunch of work as far as coming up with ideas, products, storing those products, and creating a ton of sales material and a sales force just to have your own business do you?

That’s the beauty of multi level marketing. The huge benefit when you endeavor in this kind of business is that most of the heavy lifting work is already done for you, even more so when you’re joining a big well known company. The products, sales materials, and all other necessary things are there at your disposal.

Third… I’m guessing you aren’t looking to take what money you’ve saved and pay a huge sum just to start your own business. And that’s understandable, because you need to save as much as possible of what you’ve earned. Again, especially in these trying times!

However, in multi level marketing your fee to get up and running and making money to fuel your retirement lifestyle is monumentally smaller than starting a traditional business. In fact for a very low fee you can get all of your sales material, your first products for your own consumption, and even training for a very low price.

Now the best part is that when you join multi level marketing wisely with the right person (people) as your sponsors, then you’re getting basically the equivalent to the keys to the goldmine. When you follow the plan, and strategies from your sponsor you’re getting what others pay high level coaching fees for, basically for free! And the right sponsor will share everything they know to make your retirement lifestyle as great as it could possibly be.

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