Multi Level Marketing – How to Have Success Through the Tough Times In Our Economy?

Multi Level MarketingAre you struggling with your multi level marketing business right now because of the tough economy that we’re in…basically globally?

Let’s face it… everyone is having it a little tougher in these times, even in the multi level marketing business.

But when this happens we need to learn how to get through it easier and come out on the other side smelling like roses.

How to Get Through Tougher Times in Multi Level Marketing… Without a Scratch

Now for years and years, there’s been a usually little referenced anecdote for avoiding the avalanche of business failure during tough economic times. It’s helped many companies succeed beyond anyone’s expectations, and stay well afloat when their competition drowns all around them.

What I’m talking about is simply zigging when others are zagging.

In other words, in times like these, you cannot follow the herd to the slaughter. You’ve got to set your own path toward your home business success. You do that by not doing all the same things that are getting everyone else in trouble.

For instance when people started running to the internet, and taking all of their offline multi level marketing ads down, others started to go right back to the offline advertising methods, and therefore… a)got their marketing for pennies on the dollar of what others were paying and b)had a lot more success due to the fact that their competition was all going online and pulling all of their ads to internet only platforms.

Other instances were when everyone started going after the pay per click marketing methods in the hayday of the internet. Once many people heard of this trend where people were getting clicks to their websites for one cent, it clouded the space.

Pay per click (PPC) got overcrowded. Popular keywords were getting swarmed with advertisers. Page one of the Google ads were getting to be high competition and more expensive. While many were going after the most popular keywords that were getting tens of thousands of searches per day (e.g. “weight loss”) others started going after longer tail end keywords, that got less searches but had much less competition.

Then when word got out about these words, then these are likely many of the same savvy marketers who moved to contextual ads, and targeted ads, and even back to banner ads, that everyone was saying were dead for not only multi level marketing…but everything.

Those who follow the crowd, simply get the same results that the crowd are getting, and nothing else. When the crowd starts going down hill, then those sheep who follow begin to go down hill as well.

However those that go their own way, to the beat of their own drum, end up often with different and arguably better results. Usually this is simply because they’ve zigged while others were zagging.

During the internet boom there were tons of companies going public without any good reason to do so. They had no profits, they had no foundation, yet they went public with their stocks on only a dream and a wave of a trend.

The dot com companies that didn’t follow suit were smart and didn’t end up on the same chopping block that those other companies did. They survived during internet stock bubble burst, because they were beholden to that consequence.

You need to be very careful during these tumultuous times with your multi level marketing and be sure to zig when others zag, and zag when they zig.


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