Multi Level Marketing – How Do You Find Ideas for Broadcast Emails to Your Leads?

Multi Level MarketingRight now, many people trying to achieve success with multi level marketing are having a bit of a hard time with the staying in touch with leads end of things.

When you get a lead online, and they’ve entered their info, they’re essentially raising their hand and telling you that it’s okay for you to contact them.

But here’s the thing that you may not understand…

If you let that permission go to waste, and you don’t contact them, then you’re going to give up that right to someone else who WILL not only contact them, but end up recruiting them.

So many people let their leads go to waste simply by not producing enough emails to send to their list.

Let’s just take a closer look at how this happens…

A prospect comes to your website/blog/article…wherever it is that you’re producing content. They decide that your content is valuable and that they’d like to get to know more about how you run your business, and if it’s a business opportunity worthy of joining or not.

So they go ahead and fill out the info in the optin box on your site (you do have an optin box on your site don’t you?)

Once they fill out the optin box, they get a welcome message from you, and then they wait, and wait, and wait….

Finally 3 weeks down the road they get an email from you. By this time they’ve forgotten who you are, are insulted that you’ve “spammed” them, and want off your list. Or they see your name that they no longer recognize, and don’t even open it.

In the meantime they’ve gone to your competition, and filled out the same type of form. But your competitor sent them a welcome message the first day with valuable content, messages everyday for 4 days after that. By the time those days were over the prospect was very familiar with your competition, and had already spoken with them on the phone.

Two or three short days later, when your competition emailed them again, they were excited to get another email. By the second week, they’d already joined the company, and were one their way to be a great multi level marketing distributor and make your competition a great deal of money.

That’s how the leads game works. He who has their name in front the most with the best most valuable content…as well as is personable…WINS! They’re the ones that close the sale, and that grow their businesses each and every week, while you’re struggling to figure out what to write in two weeks to your list.

It’s not brain surgery.

Don’t bore them at all. Don’t ignore them, and tell them what you would want to hear if you were in their position. Motivate them. Make them feel good about themselves. Amp up their self confidence and self belief! Let them see that you’re the best multi level marketing trainer and sponsor in the business because you truly care about them.

That’s how you win at the leads game in multi level marketing.


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