MLM Training – What “Fake it ‘Til You Make It” Really Means… and What It Doesn’t Mean!

Many times, when receiving MLM training, or reading a book about MLM, you’ll hear the term “fake it ‘til you make it”.

The fact is, that there is some merit to this MLM advice. But unfortunately, far too many people don’t understand what that is, and that can be a major problem.

So what then does it mean, and how can you avoid getting the wrong message?

Heed This MLM Training Advice to Avoid Embarrassment and Unethical Behavior!

One thing that you’ve got to understand is that this bit of advice to fake it until you make it is not a training technique or tactic as much as it is a mindset technique.

You see, when people start out in any sort of sales or persuasion vocation, then confidence isn’t so much a luxury. It’s usually something that’s lacking, and all the MLM training in the world can’t pump your chest and raise your chin. But somehow, someway, tricking your mind isn’t such a hard task as you may think it is.

Often times, you can fool yourself simply by pretending, in your own mind that you’re better than you think you are. In other words, you can nearly instantly create confidence, simply by pretending that you have confidence.

Tony Robbins covers this a bit when he talks about using physiology to change your moods. People who tend to be depressed have a certain physiology to them, and Tony Robbins (well his predecessors in NLP if we’re being honest) have figured out that you can actually turn this phenomenon around.

In other words, you can depress yourself, simply by acting as if you’re depressed, or taking on the physical characteristics of a depressed person.

This Peanuts cartoon strip displays it perfectly…

MLM Training Charlie Brown DepressedPerhaps Jim Schulz was into NLP…

So anyway…of course if you can depress yourself, why can’t you then boost yourself up by acting confident… or as they say in MLM training… “Fake it ‘til you make it”?

How Some Get This MLM Training Tip Wrong

Unfortunately some distributors out there don’t understand that this is more of a Jedi mind trick. They instead think of it as a sneaky tactic.

What follows is that they will go ahead and be unscrupulous with prospects, and fake their actual level of success. They’ll do this just long enough to get the prospect to join their business opportunity.

They make income claims that they’re earning, as well as what the prospect could possibly earn that simply aren’t true. With that they give not only themselves a bad name, but they give the industry a bad name to boot.

And all this because they’ve taken what could be effective MLM training for mindset techniques all wrong, and turned it into a reason to be unethical…and lie.

Do yourself a favor…give yourself confidence that you need anyway you can. But don’t use this MLM training technique as a reason to lie and cheat yourself into a down line.


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