MLM Tips – The Easiest and Best Way to Respond to Objections

MLM TipsMany people come to me and my wife Ann Feinstein, and ask us for MLM Tips for dealing with objections when it comes to prospecting.

Many people let the fear of rejection paralyze them into not taking any action at all.

But the truth is that there’s one way to really make rejection something that you never have to worry about.

Getting Through Objections Becomes Easy With These MLM Tips

So in sales, or even more so in copywriting, there’s something that marketers do to get through objections easily. In the case of copywriting, you have to get through the objections that you can’t even hear come up. So imagine how good this technique I’m about to show you will work when you get to actually hear the objections.

Okay, so this strategy is pretty simple, but it’ll take some work on your part. Mostly brain work, which isn’t too hard. Perhaps even some research!

The technique is to simply try to predict any objections that you might face when presenting prospects with your MLM opportunity. Or the same works when you’re trying to sell people on your MLM products.

You’ve got to come to come to grips with the fact that everyone is not going to jump at your opportunity right away. People, especially in this day and age, are generally very cautious about what they invest both their time and money in. So they’re going to have lots of questions and lots of objections for you.

But the fact is that it’s the way that you handle those objections that will make the big difference.

You see most people will get hung up on the fact that there will be objections. But that’s a given. There will be. But if you have an answer for each objection, without having to fumble around with your words, or your notes, then you’ll come off as extremely confident in what you’re selling. And what you’re selling is spot in your business opportunity.

MLM Tips On How to Predict Objections

There are a couple of ways to predict the objections of the next prospect that you speak to about your business opportunity.

The easiest way is MEMORY! What were YOUR objections when the business opportunity was presented to you? What were your concerns that you maybe didn’t voice. What type of stuff did you research about the company? In a sense those are just quiet objections? What made you hesitate?

On the flipside, what were the answers that you found? What got you off the fence? What made you say “oh okay”…. These are the things that will help you find the answers to the objections that you’ll hear.

Another way is to go through your memory bank and think of the objections of those that you’ve already presented the business to. Think of all of their objections and find answers to them. The chances are that if YOU had objections, and someone else did, then those will come up again and again.

Once you’ve figured out as many objections as you can, and have answered them all pretty well, then you can also bypass the whole objection stage by presenting these to your prospect before they present them to you.

You can do this either face to face, or through content. Send them a F.A.Q. that answers all of the objections.

If you’ll use these MLM tips, you’ll quickly lose the fear of getting objections and rejection from MLM prospects.


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