MLM Tip – How Too Many MLM Distributors End Up Burning Out!

So you’ve come looking for an MLM tip because you want new ways of growing your MLM business.

But in a sense, that’s one of the things that ends up hurting a lot of distributors and having the reverse affect on their business.

Here’s what I mean…

These days there are more ways than ever to build an MLM business. There’s of course the offline techniques that have always been there including using the warm market, cold calling, buying leads, flyers, business cards, etc.

Now add to all of that new ways that people are building their businesses online it gets really crazy. Blogging, tweeting, Facebook, fan pages, email marketing, social media, pay per click, banner ads, search engine optimization, one way links, two way links, link wheels, free classified ads, traffic exchanges…you starting to get the point?

One of the most important MLM tips that you can read…

The point is that when you try to do ALL of those things at once, you end up being only a percentage as effective as you could be.

You spread yourself way too thin to make an impact in any one area. Now a lot of people online these days will have you thinking that this is what you need to be doing. Ever wonder why they’re telling you that?

They’re telling you that because it’s very likely that they’ll have a course coming out in the future about any one of those tactics on that list above, and then some of the things that aren’t even on that list.

The MLM Tip that will keep you from burning out

So here’s what you need to do if you’re trying to get all of your MLM ducks in a row across the board, and trying to do all of the things that you feel like you should be doing.

You need to reassess your MLM business. You need to figure out what tactics that you’re doing that are actually bringing you results. Once you find them, you need to narrow it down to just one or two to focus on.

Next you need to figure out your target market. Once you’ve figured out your target market, you then need to figure out how you can use those one or two tactics that are already working for you, and get new prospects for your business.

You need to stick with those tactics until you’ve got them mastered.

So for instance if you’ve figured out that Facebook has been a great way for you to get new prospects that seem to close at a high percentage, then you need to start focusing on how you can find more of your target audience on Facebook, and then ramp up your efforts on Facebook and really get it humming with new prospects coming in.

Get it to where it’s 1000 times more effective than it is for you now. Ignore for a while all of the other methods. I promise you they’ll be there when you get back, and if they’re not then something even better will have taken its place.

Once you’ve mastered those one or two techniques (and an extra MLM tip is to make sure that those 2 techniques compliment each other…for instance building an email list from Facebook, and working on getting those conversions up like mad)…then you’ll want to make sure that you’ve automated both processes.

After they’re automated and working like a machine, then and only then can you add one or two new methods into your repertoire.

Believe me, this MLM tip will take your business to new levels that you’ve never even imagined possible before.


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