MLM Success Advice – Something You May Be Doing Daily to NOT Succeed in MLM

MLM Success AdviceSometimes MLM success advice comes in the form of things you really don’t want to hear.

We’ve all been there right? Where someone hits a nerve, telling something that we know is true, but really don’t want to have thrown in our face.

Today, I might hit that nerve in you.

MLM Success Advice You Need to Hear – Whether You Like It Or Not 🙂

When you’re on the road to success in any venture, it takes consistency of course, we’ve talked about that plenty. It takes persistence. It takes a lot of things, but one thing that it doesn’t require…or shall I say requires you NOT to have… are EXCUSES.

But it goes a bit beyond that and let me explain…

Excuses aren’t much more than justifications of why we can’t do something that needs to be done.

For instance maybe your upline sponsors are telling you that if you want to reach their level of success that you really should start calling your leads on the phone, rather than just emailing them.

Well you could NOT do it, and use excuses such as “Well I heard someone else say that you can do this without ever having to call people” or “Well I’m terrible on the phone, so it won’t work for me” etc. etc… You know the excuses we make for ourselves.

But what’s that really going to get you? It’s going to get you what you’ve been getting…less than desirable results probably. And what it’s NOT going to get you is to the point of financial freedom that your sponsor is at.

MLM Success Advice – Why It’s Vital to Step Out of the Comfort Zone, and Stop Justifying Why You CAN’T Do Things That You CAN Do

You see as humans we tend to not want to step out of our comfort zone. You’re certainly not alone in that, it’s most of us.

But those who actually do see the success that we’re after, whether that means MLM success, or anything else, are the people who stop making excuses…stop justifying all the reasons why we CAN’T do something…and just do it.

More often than not, you realize that you can do MUCH MORE than you actually thought you can.

Calling prospects on the phone may seem completely daunting at first. Talking to people that you know about your opportunity might seem like the hardest thing in the world.

But guess what…a) It will get easier and b) those who you see in this business who are on their way to financial and time freedom are the one’s who go ahead and do all of these things anyway.

If you keep looking for MLM success advice that you’re not going to use, because you can always seem to justify why you can’t use it, then it’s time you really get serious…and start doing what it actually takes to create success in MLM!


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