MLM Success – Who Are You ReallyAccountable To?

MLM SuccessYou know, there are few things in this world that drives success…MLM success in this case…like accountability.

Having people to be accountable to is one of the greatest action drivers that there are! Accountability is huge in our business, and is big part of the reason why we’ve created so many success stories within our organization.

If you know my wife Ann, then you know that she is very big on accountability, and while she’ll hold you accountable to your word toward her…more importantly she’ll make you understand that ultimately the person that you’re accountable to is YOU!

Who Is Most Affected by Your MLM Success

You see, YOU are the one with the dream of being able to work from home and become an MLM success. Therefore it’s up to YOU and you alone to do what it’s going to take to get you there. If you want to have a life like nobody else has, then you’ve got to be willing to do the things that nobody else will do to obtain it.

This means that you have to be accountable for your actions. You have to know what you’re supposed to do (that’s where a good sponsor and mentor come in) and you have to actually take the time and do those things.

Let’s talk about that for one second. You see a lot of people will start an MLM business, and when they don’t succeed they’ll blame their sponsor or the company, or whatever. The fact is that your sponsor can only do so much for you, and there’s a good chance that unless you’ve got a professional MLM as your sponsor, someone who is succeeding themselves consistently, then they don’t even know what to tell you to do themselves.

But even if they did…even if you were in our organization for instance and we were sharing with you our 25 years of experience in MLM and training others for success…even then it’s still up to you.

For instance, when someone joins our business, and they’ve proven that they’re ready to do what we tell them to do, and be accountable in order to reach the MLM success that they’re after…Ann will tell you exactly what you should do on Day 1, and then on Day 2 she’ll call you back to tell you what you need to do on Day 2. If you haven’t done what you were supposed to do on Day 1 yet, then you can’t get started on Day 2 because what we give our organization is a step by step plan where each step builds on the other.

That’s why our success rate in our organization is so incredibly high. But of course there are still people who go through the exact same training that Ann gives and they fail. Why do they fail at it when so many others have succeeded? Usually it’s because they weren’t being accountable to themselves and their dreams. They weren’t doing the things that needed to be done to become successful with an MLM home business.

Accountability is defined by Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary as: the quality or state of being accountable; especially: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.

Very crucial is the part that states “an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility”. When you start a home business, the only person that your success really matters to are YOU and possibly your family.

Nobody else will lose sleep if you don’t achieve MLM Success…

…Because frankly they’re off either ignoring or chasing their own dreams.

So while it’s good to have MLM sponsors like me or Ann to be accountable to, your MLM success really depends on whether or not YOU are willing to accept the responsibility of your actions.


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