MLM Success – What You Should Be Doing More of With Your Online MLM Marketing

MLM SuccessWhile all of us are striving for more MLM success, not all of us are always doing the things that can help us reach that success.

Of course I understand, that there’s so much to do that it’s hard to keep up with every little thing. It’s hard to always cover all of the bases.

But today I wanted to give you one thing that’s simple that can make your marketing tons more effective.

This One Simple MLM Marketing Tip Can Quickly Increase Your MLM Success

Most of us at this point have a lead funnel. We have an auto-responder that we use to contact our leads once we’ve captured them into our system. If you don’t…well then that should be your first step starting today.

If you do already have that then it’s likely that you’re not emailing your leads nearly enough, and that’s likely hindering your MLM success.

Most people I’ve noticed are too afraid to bother their prospects too much. They’re afraid that if they email them too often then they’re going to get mad and unsubscribe. In all actuality that’s true…

But what’s too much?

A great majority of MLM distributors out there trying to attain MLM success online go way too far to the opposite extreme. They are overly cautious and will therefore only very sporadically email their leads. But the truth is that this is the last thing that you want to do.

The problem is that once you’re not in front of your prospects with your message, and showcasing your value to them, then you’re forgotten about…and then they are on to someone else who’s not afraid to email them enough to stick in front of them.

Here’s the thing…

If someone was at your site, or your blog, reading your content…and they felt compelled enough to give you their information…then they’re actually WANTING you to give them information. When you don’t you do exactly what you didn’t want to in the first place…you annoy them. They feel disappointed, and by the time you do email them again, they’re mad or have forgotten who you are…which makes you then an intruder into their email box, instead of the welcome guest that you were in the beginning.

So how much is too much?

Well that’s up to you.

If you’re sending them a pitch for your business opportunity or products each and everyday, without any good content, then you’re annoying. That would annoy anyone, probably even YOU.

However if you’re sending them quality information about how they can start changing their lives, how to run a home business, how to analyze a business, how to improve themselves, etc…then everyday is probably just fine.

Will some unsubscribe? Yep!

Will that mess up your chances for MLM success forever because people are unsubscribing? Nope!

That’s because those who unsubscribe probably weren’t that serious about improving their lives anyway. They probably were just kicking tires. They weren’t serious about becoming home business owners and turning their financial lives around. They would have unsubscribed anyway.

Those who stick around, are very strong leads. They have a connection to you, and they’re much more likely to join your opportunity or buy your products, as long as you keep providing significant value.

Stop being afraid of annoying people, start providing huge value to your prospects right off the bat, and just watch how quickly your MLM success increases!


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