MLM Success – What Do Starbucks, the Library, Panera Bread, and Even the Local Park Have In Common for Your Business?

MLM-SuccessOn your quest for MLM success, have you ever found yourself not being able to get things done the way that you’d like to?

I mean here’s the thing. You sit down at your desk in your home office, the living room, the den, or even with your laptop on the dining room table, and with all intents and purposes you set out to get stuff done.

Then of course the dog needs to go out. Ughh! You take the dog out, back to the computer and get rolling again, and then the dog needs back in. While letting the dog back in, the phone rings and it’s your mother so you feel bad not to talk for at least a couple of minutes. But while you’re on the phone, you notice a bill you forgot to stick in the mail. While you’re sticking the bill in the mail you see your neighbor, give a quick wave hoping to duck inside and not have to talk, but inevitably here he comes.

He’s retired so he’s got all day to talk, and after 15 minutes he gives the old “well I don’t want to hold you up, I forget not everyone is retired” line.

So finally after nearly an hour you’re back at your seat, and ready to work. But you can’t even remember what you were going to do, so you check your Facebook and there goes another hour.

How Can You Ever See MLM Success Like This?

The truth is unless you’ve already got a huge team under you, you CAN’T see MLM success like that.

Sometimes the biggest pitfall of working from home is just that…working from home. You can’t get anything done in that environment at times because it’s just too familiar. It’s too easy for you to distract yourself, or for others to distract you. So then what do you do?

Well one of the best ways is to simply put yourself in a different environment.

One way is to build or dedicate a certain room as an actual office for you to work in, without anything that can distract you. No phone, no pets, just you and your computer. Make an official time that you will stay in that room for a solid period and work, and after that and only that can you leave to do anything else.

The big problem with this however is that it takes something that many of us don’t have a lot of, which is self discipline. Yuck that ugly world! You know that thing that keeps us from checking our Facebook every minute to live vicariously thought everyone else.

But There Is Another Solution…

The other solution is to move YOURSELF to another environment altogether. If you work from home, or you run a part time business from home, then you’re not tied down to anything or any place.

If you’ve got a laptop, then you can take your laptop and some headphones to Starbucks or Panera bread, grab a coffee and snack, and get to work. You’ll be amazed how much more you can get done in the same amount of time just by being away from where others can bother you.

Another idea and this is especially if you don’t have a laptop is to go work at the public library. Nearly every library has computers for members of the library to use. Simply use the libraries computers. One great thing about this is that it’s mandatory to be quiet in there, and you’ve got the world of research right there at your disposal. Just don’t start skimming through books or you’ll be right back in the same situation.

The fact is that changing your environment or totally getting yourself out of your distracting environment will do wonders for getting you closer to that MLM success that you’ve been striving for.


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