MLM Success – How to Stop Worrying About Google With Your MLM Content

MLM Success Without GoogleThese days, everyone looking for MLM success has one thing predominant on their mind, and that’s Google’s search engine. More specifically, getting on the front page of Google’s search engine!

But there’s something that you should be worrying way more about than Google when it comes to your online content…if not exclusively…and that’s YOUR READER!

And the funny thing is that when you stop focusing JUST on Google, and you really write your web content for the reader, you suddenly begin to see Google take notice anyway.

How to Reach MLM Success Without Worrying About Google…

Here’s why that happens.

You see, Google’s whole entire philosophy is all about making the experience of the person using their tools and their search engine better. They obsess about that. That’s what every Google algorithm change is about.

This latest “farmer update” that they’ve just gone through is exactly about that. It’s about getting rid of content on their search engines (or at least giving it less relevance) that doesn’t add to the experience of the user in a positive way.

So how do you do beat Google at their own game? Actually you don’t even try. You’ve probably heard the saying, “if you can’t beat them join them”. Well that’s exactly what you’ve got to do with Google. Join them on their mission to make the reader/user experience the best it can possibly be. This will do nothing more than accelerate your MLM success (at least as far as online).

Your Content MUST Be Quality for Any Chance At MLM Success

This means that when you write content you make it as excellent as you possibly can. If you begin thinking about your readers experience first with your website, then Google will have no choice but to follow YOU. They’ll seek you out, and reward you by putting your sites up high on their search engine rankings, since that’s what they’re mission is anyway.

Of course sticking to the normal rules…

• Be keyword relevant (just don’t STUFF your keywords all over the place let them land naturally in your content)
• Use meta tags
• Use header tags on your site
• Announce your new content to the website with pinging
• Create a natural linking strategy

As long as you do that, and you put out quality content that’s easy for your readers to consume, then Google will love you, and you’ll see tons of MLM success.


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