MLM Success – How Much Does It Matter Who You Associate With When It Come To Success

MLM SuccessIf you’re looking for MLM Success, have you ever thought about the fact that who your friends are may be affecting your chances of success?

If not then now might be a good time to start thinking about that, particularly if you’re not seeing the MLM Success that you thought you might at this point. Also if your friends are holding you back.

You might be right… Are your friends holding you back?

What Your Friends Might Mean to Your MLM Success

You may have heard that your wealth and or income can be summed up by the average of your five closest friends/associates.

It’s pretty amazing how accurate this can be, and it might be worth your time to figure this out.

But what’s more important to your home business and your success with a home business is the attitude and mindset of your closest friends and associations. What do I mean by that?

Well, when you consider that your mindset is what drives you toward success, and then you realize that your friends and the people you associate with aren’t of the mindset that success is an option…especially success with an MLM business, then you may see that there’s a drastic conflict of interest.

Those You Associate and Spend Time With Have More Influence on Your MLM Business Than You Might Think

The fact is that the people that you spend time with, talk to, share moments with…these people have influence on your thoughts. This means that when your friends are sitting there complaining about their circumstances and doing little to change them, or blaming everyone else for their misfortune, that toxic thought process could be affecting you.

For the most part you may way ahead of them in mindset, but even a toxic drip can make a lot of people mighty sick for a long time. That toxic drip could ultimately hold you back, but if your friends are like most people, then it’s likely more than a drip. It could even be described as a stream or flow of toxic thinking.

So what do you do? What’s your choices when these are your friends? Do you drop these people like a bad habit? Nah, there’s no reason that you have to break all communication with these people, but you may want to consider slowing it down.

More importantly you certainly want to start adding to that group of friends. When doing so you certainly will want to be more choosy on who you hang out with.

Of course the best way to make new friends is to find those who are where you want to be in life, and become extremely valuable to them. This will give you a chance to earn their trust, as well as have them let you into their circle of influence.

The more you can show them value, the better the chance that they reciprocate by showing you what they know. This can only increase your chances of MLM Success and even potentially give you a great circle of influence


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