MLM Success – Beating the “I Don’t Have Time” Myth…Within Yourself

MLM SuccessOn your quest for MLM success, have you been cheating yourself?

You see, many people will cheat themselves by simply telling themselves that they “don’t have time” when in fact it’s not that they don’t have time as much as they haven’t done a very good job at making the best use of their time.

Now let me say this. I understand completely that if you’re working a job (maybe 2), and you’ve got a family, that finding time can be tough. When you get home from work, and your tired, and the kids are pulling at your for attention…it can be extremely tough to muster up some extra time for working on your MLM business.

But at the same time, how will you ever see MLM success, if you don’t work on your business? The answer is you won’t.

Redefining MLM Success and What You’re Cheating Yourself Out Of…

Let’s start by looking at exactly what you’re really cheating yourself out of when you use the “I don’t have time” excuse.

Let’s assume that you are in a job that you don’t like, and you’ve got a family and kids that you care very much about. What does it mean to you then to have a time in the very near future (depending on how hard you work) where you can have ample free time to spend with those kids, simply because you don’t have to go to the job that you hate anymore…and you’re making a residual income that comes in even when you take an hour break to play with the kids?

It’s something that you likely dream about. Well the good news is that it’s something that IS totally possible, but it won’t happen without sacrificing a little time now.

You see these days people haven’t learned, and so it hasn’t been passed down to a great many people, that you nearly always (99.99999%) of the time MUST sacrifice if you want any sort of reward. So if you want the freedom to spend tons of time with your family in the future, then you’ll likely have to sacrifice some time now. I guarantee you though that the reward will be much more profound than the little bit of suffering that you have to do now.

How to Find Extra Time Under the Seat Cushions for MLM Success

So where are you going to find this extra time.

There are a few easy and simple places to find that time. Now this first one may even make it so that you don’t have to cut into family time.

If you’ve ever heard this proverb from Benjamin Franklin’s “Poor Richard’s Almanac” then you’ll understand… The proverb “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” is quite relevant for you.

So my number one suggestion is to get up an hour early each day, and get to work on your business. This can be a very productive time for you. Or you can turn it around a bit, and simply stay up late, and work for an hour after the kiddies go to bed. Sometimes if you need to make phone this can be an option too, especially if you’re on the East making phone calls to the West.

I would also recommend creating a time log for the next few days, and accounting for the time that you spend. By doing this, you’ll often find that you have much more time than you thought you did. For instance the average person watches television about 1 hour per day, some much more. That hour a day of course could start to build a nice part time income that can snowball to much more over the course of a year.

The important thing for MLM success is that you’re consistent. You need to work on your business each and every single day, even if it is only 1 hour.

Doing this will make you see your MLM success rate begin to skyrocket faster then you could imagine.


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