MLM Success – Are You Giving Your Team the Feedback They Need to Do Better?

MLM SuccessThere’s one side of MLM success that many home business owners forget to consider.

You see, when you’re working from home by yourself as a network marketer, it’s easy to forget that you have a whole team of people out there who are actually working for you, making you a commission with their efforts.

It’s a beautiful thing the way that the industry is set up like this, but it’s a tragic thing to realize that all too often you may forget about them.

An Easy Way to Increase Your MLM Success

Of course most of us get into the MLM industry as a way to forget about management. We neither like to think of ourselves as being managed or having to be a manger. But the truth is that this is exactly what we are in some ways with our business. We have to manage our team, or they may not perform well enough to even make a difference in our income.

One of the ways that we can easily get our team to produce more (and don’t forget that THEY benefit from this just as well as we do) is to get them the type of feedback that they need, as well as deserve, in order to do well.

Now feedback as you likely know from either your days of working the 9 to 5 (if you’re lucky) or your current days of working the grind can either be negative or positive feedback.

I’d like to ask you right now, since you now get to create your own rules of engagement…which do you think that people respond to best…positive or negative feedback?

While I’d agree there may be times when negative feedback is necessary in a heirerachy setting in the corporate world, in the MLM world, positive feedback absolutely triumphs. People love to, and I’d go as far as say NEED to hear positive feedback for their actions, even if those actions may seem minute to you.

The reason for this is that what’s miniscule to you may be quite a huge feat to someone else.

For instance, let’s say someone’s just created a blog on a free platform like Now to you that might seem like chump change, something you could do at this point with your eyes closed. You may look at their site and see a bunch of glaring mistakes. But it’s important to realize that this person may have taken 3 weeks just to get up the courage to start such a project.

It might have taken 3 hours just to write what they think is a fitting profile, another 3 hours to add their photo, and then a whole day writing an figuring out how to submit their first post.

Therefore almost as you would your child your first reaction MUST be positive. You must tell them how great they’ve done, and how proud you are of them. Otherwise if your feedback is negative right out of the gate, it could just make them say forget it all, I’ll never be able to do this.

For instance if you told them, it looks good “but”….well I almost guarantee that the only thing that they’re going to notice is that BUT.

So while you’re looking for ways to create more MLM success for yourself, it’s vital that you start helping your team…and the fastest way to do that is with great positive feedback.


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