MLM Recruiting – Why You Might Want to Consider This Prospect for Your MLM Business

MLM RecruitingWhen you’re doing your MLM recruiting, are you willy nilly about how you go about finding prospects?

Many people never think ahead to who might be great prospects, but simply think that any prospect that comes along is a good one.

Others use a laser targeted focus on finding prospects, and in doing so, many of these people end up with a downline of go-getter types who seem to be perfect for MLM. If you haven’t yet started to target prospects, then I want to give you a good place to start that you may never have thought about.

One Prospect That’s Great for Strategic Recruiting

One of the things about starting an MLM business is that those who end up doing good are usually those that are good at wearing a lot of hats. They’re good at leadership, they’re organized, and they’re good at being nurturing to those that they bring into the business, and helping to get them successful.

While there are many prospects who fit this bill, one of them that you may not have thought about are NURSES.

Nurses are a rare breed of people. Nurses may be one of the most important groups of people in any society, and while many people may overlook them or take them for granted, you would be smart to start taking them very seriously as prospects for your MLM recruiting.

So what do nurses have that others don’t.

First…They Work Extremely Well Under Pressure In almost any medical setting, whether it be in the hospital, in the emergency rooms, or in your child’s doctors office, the nurses are the ones there doing most of the heavy lifting. They’re ultimately the ones in charge, and they’re very good at being in charge most of the time.

In MLM, pressure is certain. Especially in the beginning, when you’re new and trying to figure it out, the pressure to learn many of the new things and skills that you need to have can be overwhelming. However compared to the pressure that a nurse faces, MLM pressure is child’s play. A nurse is insanely equipped to deal with these pressures.

Second…They’re Amazing Leaders Like I was saying above, nurses are basically on the front lines in a medical setting. They are great leaders, and they keep things moving. They know how to deal with people under pressure, and their jobs require that skill. Otherwise everything goes straight to hell in a handbag quickly.

Nurses therefore are amazing leaders for this business, and you MUST consider this trait when doing your MLM recruiting.

Last But Not Least…They’re Nurturing by Nature and Occupation Even though your school nurse may have seemed like an old grouch, the fact is that nurses choose that career because they thrive on being able to help people.

MLM is all about helping people. If you focus on this when recruiting for MLM, you’ll see that it pays off hugely.

MLM recruiting – when done right and in a targeted fashion – can be the key aspect of your success in MLM, and actually the speed of that success.


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