MLM Recruiting – A Fast and Easy Way to Get More People to Like and Join You Next Year

MLM RecruitingI’ve been in this business for a long time, and seen all the different ways of how people conduct their MLM recruiting.

It’s not a science… it’s not an art… but a combination thereof if you ask me.

But there’s one thing that people do to screw up their MLM recruiting efforts over and over.

What YOU May Need to Change About Your MLM Recruiting Efforts

So here’s what happens…

As an MLM distributor, you feel as though your job is to sell your products or recruit people into your opportunity – and you’re right. That is what your job is, and that’s how you make your dough right?

But the thing is that too many people, and perhaps you as well, are well…too darn pushy with everything that has to do with YOU in the equation, and not focused enough on THEM (Them of course being your prospects.)

Your prospects aren’t coming to you because they JUST want to hear about your MLM business. And while they’re concerned about whether or not your products are good and effective… and how the compensation plan is…they could get that information all over the internet.

If there’s one thing that there’s no lack of online, it’s information.

What your prospect is interested in, if they’re talking to you, is how you can help THEM become successful.

However here’s the tricky part that most people don’t seem to understand. You don’t establish your usefulness to them by telling them all about yourself like water from a fire hose.

Again, there is concern about that on their part, and essentially that is the concern, but before you can let them know how useful that you’ll be to them, you’ve got to do one thing…SHUT UP and LISTEN!!

First of all how do you know if or how you can help someone until you’ve heard what they need help with.

Just because you have a home business that you run successfully doesn’t mean that you can fill the needs of the person that you’re talking to. It also doesn’t mean that you can’t. But you don’t know until you start talking to them, and asking questions, and listening to answers.

Far too many people go into talking to a prospect, and right away they’re talking about how their products are the next great thing. They go on a diatribe about how their company is ground floor and how it’s got the best compensation plan compared to any other MLM business. Basically what your prospect hears is blah-ditty-blah-blah.

And when you’ve done that, you’ve given them nothing to grasp on to, other than annoyance and a bad impression of you.

However, if you’ll simply ask them what they’re goals and dreams are, what they want in a home business, what kind of money would change their lives, how much they’re willing to work on that business to get to their goals…then you’ve got yourself a relationship being built. That’s how MLM recruiting is supposed to work.


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