MLM Marketing Advice – How to Lose a Prospect Fast!

Many people email me, or those in my downline will call me… and ask me for MLM marketing advice.

They want to know how they can get and close more prospects into their MLM business. Of course don’t we all right? It’s the life blood of this business.

But I’ve actually found it easier to instead tell people how NOT to get prospects.

So here’s some…

Backwards but Helpful MLM Marketing Advice That You Need to Survive!

3 Ways to Lose an MLM Prospect Fast…

#1 Don’t Follow Up…… Yep, that’s right. One of the biggest mistakes that MLM marketers make is that they don’t follow up. They make one contact and then assume that there job is done. They say “oh well, they said no”.

The key is to somehow capture prospect information and keep following up with that person both in person (through phone) and through email, or even with direct mail methods.

The chances that you’re going to sign someone up on their first contact is hugely unlikely. In fact most people won’t even consider it until about the fifth or seventh contact. So YOU MUST start following up. That’s some of the best MLM marketing advice that you’ll ever get, and as long as you’re in this business consider follow up as words to live by.

#2 Become Looked Upon As a Salesperson There’s one thing that people don’t like to deal with, and that’s a sales person. But what people DO like to deal with are friends, or people who seem to be looking out for their best interest.

In other words, don’t make it look like your only goal in life is to close the prospect at all costs. Better yet, don’t ever make that your only goal. The truth is that if you’ll go out of your way to help people, just by that practice alone, people will join you or buy your products. They’ll do it simply because they like you, and they end up caring about you simply because you care about them.

So there’s no need to force something down someone’s throat.

#3 Never Answering the “What’s In It for Me” Question This sort of goes along with number two, but now I’m talking more specifically about using BENEFITS to describe your products and your business opportunity.

So if you’re selling products from the Amazon jungle don’t just leave it at that. Just saying “hey, they go all the way to the middle of the Amazon to get these ingredients” isn’t enough.

But “They go to the middle to the Amazon to get these ingredients because that’s the only place that grows this particular kind of plant that’s been shown to lower blood pressure in over 25 unique studies. Lower blood pressure means less chance of having a painful heart attack, less chance of a debilitating stroke, which makes it much more likely that you’ll get to see your grandchildren throwing their hat in the air at their high school graduation!”

…That’s a different ballgame altogether and gives people the benefits…the “what’s in it for me” that they’re looking before each and every buying decision.

So now that you know how to lose a prospect fast, I suggest you go the opposite route and use the MLM marketing advice to get more prospects to say YES to YOU!


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