MLM Marketing Advice – Becoming the Minimalist MLM Marketer…Should YOU Do It?

MLM Marketing AdviceThese days finding MLM marketing advice isn’t hard at all.

In fact it’s all over the place.

But the fact is, should you be taking EVERY piece of MLM marketing advice that you hear? Absolutely not!

What Is a Minimalist, and What’s It Got to Do With MLM Marketing Advice

On the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary site, minimalism is defined as:

“A style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity”.

I actually quite like that definition, except for the fact that the fundamentals of minimalism aren’t restricted to art, literature, or design. In fact people now, such as Tim Ferris have learned to utilize these fundamentals throughout every part of their lives.

Basically minimalism is stripping everything down to the barebones, and only utilizing the most effective elements of whatever it is.

In MLM marketing, too many people do way to much. In other words they waste a lot of time and energy on things that don’t work or that make no difference.

That’s why a great piece of MLM marketing advice is that you start stripping away those things in your marketing that aren’t producing results, and concentrating highly on those that do. Sounds pretty simple right? Well it is…

Once you’ve found those things that DO work!

MLM Marketing Advice That Makes You Even More Effective and Efficient

One of the things that I would highly recommend you start doing, is finding the things that ARE working with your marketing. For instance, if you own a blog, and you can track back that many of the people you recruit come from your blog, then obviously the best thing that you could do is to start blogging more, or concentrate on how to connect even better with the folks who are reading your blog.

More MLM Marketing Advice That Takes It Even Further

Okay, so you know that your blog readers are signing up to your MLM business opportunity like crazy.

But where are these blog readers coming from?

While blogging more might be a good idea, it may not get more people to your blog. Perhaps having more ways for people to find your blog is the key. Maybe you can track your blog readers back to the articles that you’ve distributed across the web.

Then bam, you now know that you need to write more articles.

You can even take it further than that. Maybe more of those blog readers are coming from a certain article directory, or even a website that’s promoting those blogs. Well then, it’s time to figure out how to get more articles on that website, or in that directory, or both.

Once you know what’s working, then you can start deleting things rapidly. If you know that 80% of your recruits are coming from your blog, and virtually none are coming from Facebook or Twitter, or even to your blog via Facebook or Twitter, then it’s probably time to forget about those two sites. They’re not working, get rid of them.

So what if you’ve heard they’re great for recruiting. So what if a ton of the MLM marketing advice that you’ve read, even if it’s from me says that those two sites can get you tons of prospects. If it’s not working for you, and something else is, then drop and focus on what’s working.

Believe me, you’ll see your income and effectiveness grow like crazy from this MLM marketing advice.


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