MLM Marketing – What Does Integrity Mean to You and Why You Need to Think About It!

MLM MarketingThere are so many people who lack integrity these days, who are making their MLM marketing affect those of us who do have integrity.

Of course this is the way of life right? There’s always one bad apple. But here’s the real question…Are YOU the bad apple?

Are you using integrity with your MLM marketing? Furthermore, are you demonstrating and doing your best to assure that your downline uses integrity in their marketing? Because if one bad apple will spoil the bunch, you could wind up as part of the bunch!

Why Integrity With Your MLM Marketing Means More Now Than Ever

As I write this we live in an increasingly weary world.

As I write this countries are on fire in the middle east with protest after protest. Oil and gasoline prices are rising, clothing and food prices are rising, the dollar is losing value daily, protesters are in state capitals, leaders are falling in countries where they’ve dictated for years.

In other words people are weary, not very trusting, and they’re being very careful where they invest their money. This means that when you ask them to invest in a business opportunity, they’re going to be more cautious than ever.

At the same time, like it or not, we’re in an industry who’s name is synonymous at times with the words scam and scheme. Why? Is it because our industry is a scam? Is it because what we do is get people into a pyramid scheme so that only we can make money? Not by a long shot!

It’s because too many people in our industry have been conducting their MLM marketing without integrity. It’s also because too many people have run their business without integrity. This affects YOU and ME, those of us who DO run our MLM businesses with the highest regard to integrity. It affects those of us who are principled, and who truly believe that what we’re offering people is the greatest opportunity in the world.

It makes our job harder, but do you know what it ultimately does. It means that we have to have even more integrity. It means that we have to be even more principled and be very sure that what we do is not just for our own benefit, but for the benefit of those that our MLM marketing is directed toward.

We have to be the ones who stand by our word, who are accountable, and who take the time to demonstrate our integrity to our downline. If we can do this, and start squeezing our those who are corrupt in their MLM marketing and MLM business practices…it means our industry can last many more generations!


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