MLM Marketing – Questions to Ask About Your Marketing for the Coming New Year!

MLM Marketing QuestionsWith the coming new year it’s time to figure out ways that we can improve your MLM marketing.

That’s because it’s time to get down to some brass tax, and analyze ways you can improve your conversions within your marketing.

Basically you want to bring in more leads and close more leads right? So then there are things that you’ll need to ask yourself to make sure that you’re doing as well as you can with that. Without questions there are no answers, so let’s get through those questions now.

Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself About Your MLM Marketing Starting Now!

Question 1: What’s Working? One of the things that people usually focus on first with their MLM marketing is what’s NOT working. But the most important thing in your marketing is what IS working, because once you find that out, you simply need to do more of it.

If this was the only thing that you did, or the only question you asked yourself about your MLM marketing then your business would improve next year. It’s as simple as that. Because once you figure out what’s working, the only thing left to do…and your subconscious mind pretty much does on it’s own…is starting doing more of that.

But we’re not going to leave off there, because we really want to grow our business next year. So…

Question 2: What’s Not Working Ok so now you can get to that question! Why would you want to? Because now that you know what is working, and then you find out what’s not working…you can clearly see where you can replace ineffective activities with effective activities.

Listen the main goal is to increase conversion rates. If you’re placing ads on Facebook, Ads on forums, Ads through PPC, and sending out postcards, then you may very well be spending time on one of these activities that’s eating your time up. It’s a waste. If you find out where your weak points are, and replace them with more of your strong points, you increase conversions…simple and easy.

But to do that you need to ask this next question…

Question 3: Am I Tracking Enough? All marketing whether MLM marketing or otherwise requires tracking. In other words, setting up systems to see what advertising is working and what’s not.

Some people track a little, some people don’t track at all, while others track every little minute detail.

Guess who usually wins… That’s right…those that track very closely.

But if you’re not tracking your MLM marketing at all, then at least starting to track a little bit will benefit you greatly and then you can increase it from there. If you’re already tracking some, then finding holes won’t be ashard, but you should increase that tracking.

Every detail of your marketing can be tracked. There’s probably a learning curve involved there, but it will do you more good than just about anything you can do for your MLM business.

Okay so you’ve got some work to do. Ask yourself these MLM marketing questions, and get to work finding the answers.


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