MLM Marketing – Planning to Be More Productive In a World Where A Short Pencil Beats a Long Memory Every Time

MLM MarketingAre you trying to increase your MLM marketing effectiveness but often times feel lost and like you’re not accomplishing anything?

Have you ever sat down at your computer, knowing that you had a boatload of stuff to do, but didn’t know what to do?

That’s a problem that a lot of people have, and it’s due to one thing.


These days with the internet, it’s harder than ever to stay focused on your goal of creating better MLM marketing campaigns. You sit down at your computer, you’ve got 3 different chat boxes open already just turning the computer on. Then if that’s not bad enough, the first thing you do is check your email, and then right there, you lose nearly all of your momentum.

Planning Alone Makes Your MLM Marketing More Effective…

The point is that it’s difficult enough to stay focused on what we need to do, much less when we haven’t planned out what we NEED to do in the first place.

Many people don’t understand planning when it comes to their home business, because they come from an employee setting and mentality, where you go to work and everything that you need to do is laid out for you basically by someone else. Or your day is dictated by the phone ringing taking orders, or by customers who walk in.

So it’s a different world when you’ve got to conduct your MLM marketing on your own.

But let it be known that it’s those people who sit down each and everyday, already knowing what needs to be done, who are the ones who are seeing the greatest success and rather quickly.

The real reason is that when you’re consistent with your MLM marketing, just like anything in life, you’re going to see the greatest results. It’s like martial arts… there are only a handful of basic moves, that when mastered overtime by performing them over and over again, creates the great martial artists of our time.

But no great martial artist goes into training not knowing what they’re going to work on. They know ahead of time what they’re going to do, and they go in and do it.

That’s the key to you creating greatness with your MLM marketing. That’s the key to your bank account being filled up with residual income, and your downline growing around the globe. It’s being consistent everyday, and planning ahead for what you’re going to work on each day so you can just get started.

The Best Way to Plan Your MLM Marketing Schedule…

Failing to plan is planning to fail.” — Coach John Wooden

It’s been said that “a short pencil beats a long memory every time” and I find that to be true. Or in my case, a short marker board marker LOL

The best way to plan your schedule is well…ahead of time. Not the morning that you sit down to work, but at the very least the night before. Better yet, and what would make a great difference in your MLM marketing efforts, would be planning weeks and even months in advance.

The key is to know the outcome that you want to reach. Many people don’t even get that far. You’ve got to know where you’re going if you want to get there right. So get clear of your end-goal, work backwards and figure out how to get there, and then plan accordingly. You can plan in the beginning of each yearly quarter or each month what you want to achieve by the end of that period, and then break that down into weeks and then break that down by day.

Write down what you need to do each and everyday, and then still every night go over your schedule for the next day and make adjustments according to where you’re at with your goal. Adjustments WILL need to be made, but you’ll find that all the time planning will be incredibly beneficial to your MLM marketing.


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