MLM Marketing – How to Really Get People to Listen to Your Marketing Message and Respond the Way You Want

MLM MarketingWhen it comes to your MLM marketing, the one thing that you want is for people to listen to your marketing message.

There are plenty of people who have marketing messages out there, but probably 99% of those get ignored.

The ones who do get noticed, heard, and acted upon are the ones that do a few certain things right. This post is going to tell you exactly what those few things are.

What Your MLM Marketing Message Should Do to Be As Effective As Possible

One of the things that people usually try to do with their marketing methods is to right away make the sale. Of course the goal of your marketing message is for selling either your MLM opportunity, or for selling your MLM products. But people are usually not ready to respond to your message right off the bat.

However, there are things that you can do to increase your chances of having people respond to your marketing messages.

One of the biggest mistakes that people do with their MLM marketing is to make it…well…boring. People think that what they’ve got to do is hard sell, and push their message down their prospects throat until they respond positively. Only problem with that is that usually doesn’t work. You’ve got to use not just finesse, but logic. You’ve got to consider what people actually respond to, and what they’re looking for.

Here are

Three things to add to your marketing messages that will make people respond in a much more favorable way…

First – Highly Relevant and Valuable Information… Your marketing message must be highly relevant to your reader, and what they’re looking for, or else you’re going to lose them quite quickly.

For instance how many times have you been online looking for information, or even found a headline in a newspaper, or a title of a book, and quickly realized that the content inside really had nothing to do with what you thought it would be? So what’s usually your first reaction? You stop reading right? You leave the webpage, or you find another article, or you close the book!

You have to make your message relevant and targeted to those who are likely to be interested in your opportunity or products. That in fact usually means that you’ll need more than one message.

Secondly – You Have to Be Entertaining It’s one thing to have good, valuable, and relevant content, but if that content is a bore, then you’re going to lose the prospect all the same.

People in this world loved to be entertained. You can see that by the millions of hits that You Tube videos get, or how many channels there are on cable. People need entertainment and they’ll go to great lengths to get it.

Third – You Want to be Educational… People want to feel like they’ve gotten something from your message. If they feel like they’ve just wasted their time getting sold to, then they’re gonna be aggravated and disappointed.

But if they feel like they’ve come away with something from your message, then they’re much more likely to respond accordingly.

Of course if you can be relevant, entertaining, and even educational with your message then you’ve hit a perfect trifecta. If you want a great example of someone who could do this amazingly well…as well as being inspirational, then the late Steve Jobs is the guy you should study.

He was amazingly well at getting his marketing messages consumed because he included all the above nearly everytime. It’s time that you took a hint from a great messenger and add these elements to your MLM marketing, and you’ll likely start seeing some amazing results.


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