MLM Marketing – How Do I Get Traffic to My Website?

MLM MarketingMost people who are actively doing MLM marketing have a website that they’re trying to get more traffic to.

It’s pretty mandatory nowadays if you want to succeed online, to have a website of some sort. It of course doesn’t have to be anything magnificent or outrageous. It could be a simple blog like this one, or even just a simple lead generation page. Either way, the one that makes the difference in the success of that website is certainly the traffic that it receives.

Of course when it comes to MLM marketing, you website will likely be where you pick up a great deal of your prospects…or at least hope to. And again, whatever the purpose of your website, the great factor is website traffic. In other words, if you are trying to collect leads on a website, well you cannot do that if you have no traffic coming to the site. Just as well if you’re trying to sell an ebook, offer a service, or even just change people’s opinions…none of that is at all possible without having visitors come to your site.

Traffic is and should be your first focus if you’re conducting your MLM marketing online for the most part.

So How Do You Get More Traffic to Your MLM Marketing Website?

Actually although this is a straightforward question, it’s not an easy question to answer. Why? Well, it’s sort of like asking “how do I get to California from New York?” That’s a pretty vague question is it not?

For instance you could say “go West”. But then there’s the question of how someone is going to get there? What mode of transportation? They could walk, run, drive, take a train, or fly. Then what are they going to drive? A truck? A car? A motorcycle? What kind of car, a Porche? A Sentra? A ’57 Chevy?

I guess then the question would be how fast do you want to get there, and how important is comfort along the way?

Asking how to get website traffic to a website is much the same. The first question to ask is what kind of traffic do you want? That’s where you always want to start. Who do you want to come visit your site? Who is your best targeted visitor?

Once you’ve figured out who you want coming to your site, then and only then can you begin to look at and sort out ways to get them there.

The next level of sorting is do you want to pay for traffic, or get free traffic to your site? Answering that question will lead you to your starting point. If you say that you have a budget to start paying for traffic, then you have to figure out where you’ll pay for traffic. There is of course textual ads like Google Adwords, Yahoo Advertising, and I suppose even Facebook advertising falls into that category. There’s also banner advertising, solo ads in ezines, and tons more examples of paid traffic sources.

Now if you don’t have a budget and you want free traffic, then you’ve got another whole slue of decisions to make. This is why knowing WHO you’re trying to get to your site is vastly important. This way you know where to go get your message right in front of them.

Free traffic includes things like article marketing, social media marketing, Press Releases, joint ventures, blogging, search engine optimization, forum marketing, etc. And a great deal of these can be intertwined.

If your site is absolutely new, and you’ve just started on your journey of MLM marketing then a very easy way to get started is of course article marketing. This means you write articles that contain links pointing back to your site, and place them on your sites, as well as within article directories.

Article marketing will teach you a lot as well. It will teach you how to conduct research and write in a way that connects to your audience. It will teach you how to persuade gently without having to be pushy. In fact it’s a lot like an undercover way of selling. Many people refer to it as pre-selling which is a good description.

The Most Important Part of MLM Marketing and Website Traffic

The overall most important element to getting traffic to your site is KNOWING YOUR AUDIENCE. You must know who to go after, where they hang out, and what will persuade them to veer left or right to visit your website. That’s what MLM marketing it about.


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