MLM Marketing – Do You Feel Your MLM Business Is the Best Company Out There?

MLM MarketingPeople are always wondering how they can get better at MLM marketing.

Getting better means creating more powerful messages, that get the reader or listener to take action on what you’re asking them to do within your messages. Getting more people to join, or become leads, etc.

But while so many struggle for so long with this, there is one easy way of getting better very quickly…

You Have to Be or Become a Huge Fan of Your Company and Products to Get Much Better at MLM Marketing Fast

If you’ve ever been in sales, then you’ve probably heard of the saying “becoming a product of the product”.  This means that you must actually like or even love a product so much that your enthusiasm for it shines through.

You see, there are some things in life that you just can’t fake.

Humans have a natural…well…B.S. detector built into them. We all have it and for good reason. It’s called instinct in some cases. In other cases it’s called “gut feeling” but we all act on what we get from that gut feeling.

For instance, we can usually tell when someone is lying to us, but we don’t always understand why. We just feel it. Or we’ll say “I get a bad feeling about this” or something along those lines. But in fact it’s rooted into our DNA to be able to pick up on little subconscious things that people do when they aren’t being forth right. For instance when we lie, our pupils will often dilate.

Also if you’ve studied NLP at all, then you know that people’s eyes direct a certain way when they are lying. People touch their face and ears more. Little nuances like that which though we don’t know them usually in our minds, we know them instinctively.

So what does all this mean for you and your MLM marketing. Does it matter when if it’s just the written word if you really aren’t a huge fan of your products?

Yes. It matters a great deal. Because people can tell even through the written word, through energy I suppose, what you truly think of your products or your company.

Why It Helps Your MLM Marketing So Greatly to Become a Huge Fan of Your Company, or Become a Distributor in a Company You Love

It’s basically just the flip side of what we were talking about above.

When you truly love your products and your opportunity, it shines through into everything you do.

Everytime you tell somebody about your products, they get this sense about your products, and say to themselves “Wow, this person really loves those products. There must be something to them.”

If you’ve ever heard someone from a third person about a certain product, and the person telling you the story says something along the lines of “…And David thinks the world of these products. He couldn’t stop talking about them”, your energy has just past through from you to someone else, who may not have ever even looked at your products.

But the person on the receiving end may end up saying… “Well, what is the name of the products he was talking about?”… and so it snowballs from there.

If you’re not a huge fan of your MLM company, whether it be the opportunity, the products, or both…then you need to quickly either become a fan, or find a opportunity that you CAN be a huge fan of quickly…because whether you realize it or not…it’s affecting your MLM marketing in a big way.


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