MLM Marketing – Are You Wasting Your Time With Your MLM Marketing. Here’s How to Make All of Your Marketing Count!

MLM MarketingIt’s sad when I see so many people spending so much of their time on MLM marketing that just isn’t working for them. Yet they stick with what’s working and do it over and over again, hoping for a different result.

Even though it fits,I’m not going to spew out for you again the Einstein quote about insanity. But you do need to realize that if you’re not changing what’s not working, you’re not going to make any difference in your MLM marketing. And of course yes, you will get the same results over and over.

Ok…so I should have just quoted the source. Oh well.

What You Need to Find Out About Your MLM Marketing Pronto!

If there’s anything that you need to know about your MLM business, it’s knowing what’s working, and what’s not working.

If you don’t know these two things, then you need to stop everything you’re doing right now, and before 2012 gets here, and you set any sort of goals, you need to find out what’s working for your marketing for MLM.

This means that you may have to set up tracking if you haven’t already. That’s the basics of knowing what’s working and what’s not. Tracking is everything and until you have tracking set up, then you’ll never have any idea about what you can or can’t change.

Well, okay…if you’re not having ANY sort of success at all, then you know that what you’re doing, whatever it is, isn’t working. So stop doing just that. Or set up tracking on that, and see if there’s any element that has the potential to work.

For instance, let’s say that you’re trying FORUM marketing. That’s hot in some circles, and some people have great success with it, and teach a great deal of it.

So if you’re trying that, and you’re marketing in five different forums, but you’re not getting any sign ups, does it mean that what you’re doing can’t be tweaked. Does it mean that your MLM marketing within forums is forever doomed? No, it simply means that your MLM marketing in forums may be missing something.

Again, this is where tracking is important.

Perhaps out of 5 of those MLM forums that you’re marketing, only 1 is bringing you any traffic at all. Makes sense right, if you consider that in almost any endeavor in live, only 20% of anything you do is going to give you 80% of your results. So 1 out of 5 is 20%, so we might be on to something.

So once you start tracking your forum posting, and seeing where the traffic is coming from, then you know that you should simply ditch the other forums, and focus on the forum that is giving you traffic.

It might mean that you need to post more, just for the law of numbers to work. It could mean that you need to change your signature file to make it more appealing so that more of the people who view your posts will click it.

It might even mean that you have to write more quality content within that forum so that people who read your posts feel more compelled to trust you as an authority.

It might be that the page that you’re leading people to is not relevant to the content in your posts, so perhaps you can make a simple squeeze page, that can be easily tweaked in order to be more relevant to the specific posts.

The point is that with MLM marketing, there are tons and tons of variable. But you won’t know those variables until you’re tracking your efforts. Once you do that, and you understand where you need to tweak here and there, you should see your MLM marketing results SKYROCKET!!


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