MLM Marketing – A Word to That Should Be at the TOP of Your List in 2011 and Will Help YOU Grow Your Downline…

MLM MarketingIf you’re looking to enhance your MLM marketing this new year, then there’s something that you need to get used to saying more often.

Let me help you understand this from the perspective of…well…YOU.

When you’re reading something online, and you’re looking for information on how to do something – or just do something better – what is your main concern? Is it of the person who is writing what you’re reading?

When they’re saying “I did this”, or “we are great at this”, does that grab your interest…or more importantly keep it?

Absolutely not – because whether it seems selfish or not – the thing that you’re concerned about at that time is finding an answer that’s going to help who? YOU!

So What’s the Secret Word That’s Going to Help Your MLM Marketing Profoundly This Year?

So what then do you think is the word that’s going to help your MLM marketing significantly by using it much more this year?

You’ve got it. The word is…


You must start putting your reader first in everything you write for your MLM marketing.

You must answer the questions in their mind immediately which are:

Is this going to help me?
What do I have to do exactly?

What your reader doesn’t want to know about is your life story, UNLESS of course it lends to one of those questions above. So is what you’re writing about going to help them? Here’s how you can write that.

“You will be able to make a much higher passive income this year by following these easy steps. I know this because I’ve used the same steps for the last 2 years each and every day. By using them too, YOU will be able to get to the financial freedom that YOU’VE been striving for.”

See how that works? You’ve got to blend it a bit, but you always want to be concerned first and foremost with your reader in mind. And what they’re concerned about, whether you like it or not is themselves.

So if YOU are ready to see significant increases in your MLM marketing effectiveness, YOU’LL begin using the magic word YOU much more often.


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