MLM Business Part 2 –Why Today Is the Best Day Ever to Start an MLM Business Continued…

Ok, so we left off on this topic last time, talking about why NOW is a better time than ever before to start an MLM business.

We talked about how with the internet you can put up a website, and with the right type of traffic generation techniques be in front of thousands of eyeballs.

We spoke about how sites like Facebook and Twitter made your warm list enormous very quickly.

We then spoke about how when in the old days – yes my days – to get name recognition and be looked at as a leader in the field you had to either get published with a book or become published in magazines.

Now however, you can create articles, and submit them to your site, to different article directories (where others will pick up the content and put it up on their own website).

But one thing I didn’t even get to was that you can also get seen by tons of other people simply by asking others who have websites, with a big following to allow you to write a guest article or blog post on their site. This gives you the chance to reach an entirely different crowd of people.

Next I want to talk about one of the most huge advantages of the internet, and why starting an MLM business now makes life immensely more easy than it was when I first started out.

Follow Up…Why It’s Vital…and Why YOU Have an Outrageous Advantage

I want you to realize something incredibly important before we get into follow up.

Even with the fact that things were significantly more difficult for me when I first started, I was still able to build a massive downline in my MLM business. One that has allowed me since to live off of very comfortably.

That was doing the old harder way. Now just think of the advantage that YOU have with internet.

Now let me tell you that one of the ways that you have the most significant advantages is with FOLLOW UP.

Follow up is easily one of the most important aspects of any MLM business, or any business at all. It’s what separates the boys and girls from the men and women of the game. Great continuous follow up is where you can quickly come out ahead.

But when I started following up was not only extremely hard, it was extremely expensive.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you were to do a direct mail piece out to say 5000 people. Now these aren’t even prospects yet, these are 5000 people from a list that you purchased that might be interested in what you’ve got to offer as a business opportunity, or with products.

Now the expense of one mailing alone is enough to make your head spin. Let’s say you were just paying regular postage. Using today’s rates of $0.44 cents per stamp, the first mailing alone will cost you $2200. But the sad fact is that almost every direct mail expert will tell you that it takes 5 to 7 exposures to get any real conversion. So now at the minimum of 5 mailings we’re talking about $11,000.

Of course not all will respond. A good conversion rate is usually thought to be about 2% with direct mail, if you’re lucky. So lets say out of the original 5000 you ended up with an actual 100 prospects who were interested enough to call back. So that’s a lot of dough for 100 people and if you’re good maybe 5 would join your business, and the rest might be on the fence, so you’d want to keep following up until they were either dead or told you to leave them alone. You know the drill.

Alright now let’s look at the difference today.

If you have a website, and your website gets a good number of visits a day. Let’s say 100 a day. That’s 3000 people coming to your site per month about. Now if you have a optin box on your site where they can leave their name and email address for more information, and that box converts at 20%, that’s roughly 600 strong prospects per month that you can get on your list. Now remember, these are extremely strong prospects that have actually ASKED you to send them more info. And how much did it cost to get them?

Well whatever you paid for the traffic of course, but for the most part, if you do things right then the traffic comes for FREE. So basically with 20% optin rate you’re getting 5 fairly strong prospects a day on your list.

Not only that but now, when you’re using the right technology such as an email auto-responder, you can then follow up with that prospect at no additional cost as often as you want. So this virtually turns into a hands off way to reach prospects that cost you zero to obtain, and they’re hugely more responsive to your message.

Whereas compared to the older way, you could spend upwards of $10,000 dollars just to get 100 good prospects.

Hopefully you’re beginning to see the difference of how well you can have it, and why NOW is the best time EVER to start in MLM.

But that’s not all, I’ll be back again with more on this topic of why now is a better time to start an MLM business than any time in history!


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