MLM Business –The #1 Reason Why Today Is the Best Day Ever to Start an MLM Business

Best Time for Starting an MLM BusinessIf you’ve been thinking about starting an MLM business, but aren’t quite sure if it’s a good idea then this article may or may not change your mind.

But, what it will do is show you that if it’s a decision that you’re pondering, then now is the best time to make that decision.

Now I won’t be shy about my bias. I’ve been making my living, a darn good one at that for the last 25 in MLM. I’m a guy who’s proud of my business and my industry. But the fact is that looking back over the years, I can’t think of a better time than RIGHT NOW to start an MLM business and I’m going to lay out the reasons why just so that they’re right here for you to see.

The #1 Reason You’d Be Crazy Not to Start an MLM Business Right Now

Reason #1: This Little Thing Called the INTERNET!

Ok so you just might be thinking that this argument is done with and over. And if you know anything about what’s going on in the internet marketing game, you may even think that I’m crazy to even say that now is a great time.

I mean you’ve got a ton of people talking about how there’s nothing but SPAM online, and Google hates MLM distributors., network marketers, and affiliate and internet marketers. Then there’s the competition factor right? Seems like everyone and their mother is out there pushing MLM businesses and products.

But the fact is that if you were to start your MLM business today, you would have ridiculously easier than I had it when I first started. And when I say ridiculously, I mean you can’t really even compare.

The fact is that I had to do everything the hard way. I had to either get my business in front of people through expensive direct mail, creating fliers and handing them out, or the good old fashion way (which still works like mad btw) warm marketing. Yes, I literally had to talk to friends, family, and neighbors…or I didn’t have anyone to talk to. Then on top of that I had to ask for referrals and so on and so forth.

But now, with the internet and things like social marketing, everyone is your neighbor. You may actually be closer, more intimate, and know more about your Facebook friend who lives 3000 miles away. In fact some people have neighbors who they speak to on Facebook, but never see in person. That’s how connected to other humans the internet makes you.

And that’s not even talking about the significant difference in expense when it comes to the marketing. What used to cost thousands of dollars to send out a piece of mail that may or may not have converted now can be done for pennies on the dollar.

Putting up a website, if you do things right, and do the right things to drive traffic to it can be as good if not better than having a billboard ad in Times Square. And online you can have multiple websites and ads – more so you SHOULD have!

Let’s talk about getting known as a leader in your industry. Before the internet, if you wanted to become famous in this industry (or any other) you had to be a published author with actual print books in one of the huge bookstores like Borders or Barnes and Nobles.

It also helped if you could become a published author in a print magazine like Entreprenuer, Opportunity, etc. Then you were well known and big time.

Now, you can get your name and message spread all across the internet for FREE by creating articles, and submitting them to your website and one of the hundreds of article directories out there. Instantly, hundreds of other website owners can pick up your articles, and stick them on your website giving you tons of FREE publicity.

Getting free publicity back when I started was when you got picked up by a news story and believe me that wasn’t easy at all.

Wow, that’s just the beginning…

Let me just say this…there’s not enough room to even scratch the surface of why TODAY is the best time ever to start an MLM business. This article will have to be Part 1 in an at least 3 part series.

So I’ll see you soon to tell you more about why now is the best time EVER for starting an MLM business.


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