MLM Business – What Does Your Marketing Say About You and Your Personality?

MLM BusinessWhen you’re marketing for your MLM business, have you ever thought about what that marketing says about you and your personality?

If not then you might start to see what I mean as you read this article.

Your marketing can be indicative of your personality, but on the flip side it could very well make you see sides of yourself that you need in order to see improvement in your life and your marketing.

How to Improve Yourself and Your MLM Business by Analyzing Your Marketing

Just like personalities, or consequential of them, people have different characteristics of their marketing.

Some are more aggressive. Some are extremely aggressive. Some are passive or extremely passive.

Most people however probably fall somewhere in the middle. They’ll market in some areas aggressively, while they’ll be more passive in other areas.

For instance, someone who’s a little more passive and shy probably doesn’t like to be out in front. So they likely aren’t going to be into doing a bunch of videos, or standing in front of a white board during a presentation that gets sent all over Youtube and Facebook.

But that same person might be very passionate about blogging and writing, or creating online videos that don’t require them to be front and center.

On the flipside, the aggressive marketer who’s not one bit shy will probably have tons and tons of videos on Youtube, and do lots of presentations each year. He or she won’t mind one bit being on video, or being out there for the whole world to see.

So which one is better? Which marketer is going to be more successful with their MLM business?

Well who knows! It could be that they’d make the same amount though, being that each is using their strengths and doing their own things equally as passionately.

But there’s also the point to make that it could tell you that maybe it’s time to turn up the dial a bit on one side or the other. Couldn’t it do the more aggressive video marketer some good to put up a blog, and start getting a new audience that way?

And couldn’t it do the more passive written content marketer some good to reach out to the whole audience that are easily persuaded by the spoken word and videos?

So how can you use this analysis for self development? I think it’s pretty clear, but let’s take the passive marketer. Sure you use your strengths in marketing, but the passiveness in your marketing for you MLM business indicates that you’re probably too passive in life as well.

There’s a chance that you may shy away from either conflict, from the spotlight, from attention…in times when attention would be good for you. That could either be within your MLM business or outside of it. You may need to work on building confidence, self esteem, and even belief in yourself.

There’s a chance if you’re the more aggressive marketer who likes to spread themselves over the internet on videos that you’re a little too aggressive. In life that may lead to putting people off a bit. You may need to be a little more introspective. You may need to listen a little more rather than always be the talker.

The point is not me figuring out what you need to develop within yourself to be better at all of this, the point is that YOU can now, through the marketing you conduct in your MLM business, start see what you might could improve about yourself.


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