MLM Business – 3 Things to Consider Before You Give Up and Quit MLM !

MLM BusinessSo you’re frustrated as heck right now and you want to quit your MLM business…just walk away and never look back.

That’s certainly your prerogative, and that’s a big part of business. But as a person who’s dedicated their lives to this business (at least the last quarter of a century) and is dedicated to helping see other’s through to success in this business (which I have by the thousands) I hate to see someone like you just up and quit.

Now you’re saying, “Someone like me…you don’t even know me David!” Fair enough, I don’t know you, but I do know that you were brave enough to take on the challenge of starting your own home business.

How I Know That YOU Can Succeed With Your MLM Business

I know that you’re passionate enough to get aggravated when things aren’t working and want to quit because of it. I know that you were brave enough to try something that most people won’t try. I know that you had the nerve to take action toward changing your life.

I know that you have the entrepreneurial spirit, which is one that creates thinking outside the box, and one that cherishes persistence and commitment to a goal.

So right now things aren’t working out, and you’re feeling a little frustrated. I don’t know, perhaps quitting your MLM business IS the answer for YOU, but then again there are some things that you may want to think about before giving up.

The 3 Questions to Answer Before Quitting Your MLM Business

First… Have you truly given your MLM business the chance that it deserves? This means that it might take some real truth seeking and analyzing your actions in an honest to goodness way.

Do you work on your business each and every single day? If not then you’re not being consistent, and consistency is what it takes to make the MLM business produce results.
Most people who don’t succeed are very lackadaisical with the home business and therefore see scattered results. But the fact is that those people who DO succeed work each and every single day that’s going to help get them downline members.

Second… Do you have a lead flow system that creates results for you? If not then the fact is that once you’ve set that up, your entire MLM business will change. This doesn’t mean that I will for sure work right away either. You will likely have to do some tweaking and changing things around, but the fact is that once that’s set up all you have to do is improve on it all, and your MLM business will grow leaps and bounds. You’ll look back on these days of thinking about quitting laugh.

Third… Are you working with the right sponsor? There are often times when a person will join an MLM business and spin their wheels simply because the person or people that they’ve joined with know about as much about MLM as they do. It becomes a problem of the blind leading the blind, and it doesn’t work!
If you’re in a situation where your upline isn’t helping you, or worse doesn’t know how to help you then you may want to consider not quitting the MLM business, but quitting your sponsor.

There are few options that you have. You can leap frog over your direct sponsor and go upline to someone who does know what they’re doing, and hope they’re willing to help…Or you can go to an experienced sponsor(s) who has a proven track record of creating successful MLM distributors.

Many people feel guilty about doing this, but the fact is that your sponsor’s JOB is to help YOU succeed. That’s how the MLM business model is set up, and if they’re not doing that then you have every right to leave them and join up with someone who will help you.

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