MLM Advice – Should You Try to Get Other Distributors to Leave Their Company and Come to Yours?

MLM AdviceOne of the pieces of MLM advice that some distributors have a hard time with…when it comes to recruiting…is recruiting other distributors from other companies.

Is this something that’s ethical?

The answer is a hardy YES. It’s perfectly fine.

Think about it this way. If you ran a company in say the shipping industry, and you were looking to hire someone, who would you be looking to hire? Would you be looking to hire someone who’s not in the shipping industry, who has no clue about how to get things through customs, and how to book shipping on a cargo etc.? Or would you rather have someone who’s been in the industry doing it for a number of years, who knows all the ins and outs?

One of these people you’ve got to train and the other you don’t. One of these people is going to increase your profit margin because of their knowledge and therefore efficiency and productivity, and the other is going to cause you to lose out. Which would you rather hire?

So then why should it be any different with your MLM business. In fact recruiting other distributors is MLM advice that I give regularly. I even show you the best way to do it if you fill in your name and email address to get the FREE Report over to the right of this post.

But What If You Still Don’t Like This MLM Advice?

So if this is something that you just don’t want to do then I’ve got a solution for you. I’ve got another piece of MLM advice to replace that advice for you…how about that?

There’s a way to get to these EXPERIENCED MLM distributors anyway.

Here’s the thing. If you’ll just target your MLM marketing toward those people anyways, and have them actually respond TO YOU, then you can have the benefits of going to them…without having to go to them.

How do you do that?

Well target marketing is essential in any marketing that you do. You can’t ever market to EVERYONE. You have to market to those that you know will respond to your ad, and you have to speak directly to them.

So how do you talk to other MLM distributors?

Well it’s pretty simple actually. You speak to them the way that you would want to be spoken to as an MLM distributor. You give them reasons to read your marketing content.

You teach them how to be better marketers themselves, and then in turn by seeing that you know what you’re talking about, they’ll eventually want to build a relationship and work with you. Very likely, if you’re giving enough value…they’ll come to you vs. the other way around.

So there you go, you now can take my MLM advice in two different ways, and still come out on top.


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