MLM Advice – How to Never Fail in MLM?

MLM AdviceIt’s not easy giving people MLM advice. In fact it can be extremely tiresome. It’s not that it’s hard to do…I mean I have knowledge in my head and years of experience, and I just relay that to other people. Sounds simple right?

Well it is in theory. However mentally it can be taxing simply because for starters… not everyone takes your advice. Someone may come to me asking for advice, I give them great advice, and what do they do? Very often nothing! That gets annoying.

But there’s also another hard part of it.

It’s when people actually do try, don’t succeed right away, and then quit!

Many people don’t understand that failure doesn’t ever have to be an option. And there’s only one way to make that an absolute. That is to treat every single failure as a lesson learned.

MLM Advice That Saves You from Failure

Now I know that might sound like a bunch off rhetoric to you. You’ve probably heard others say it, and blew it off the first time you failed. You probably heard about Thomas Edison’s 10,000 failures before he finally got the light bulb right.

But the truth is that it would be incredibly difficult to find a successful person who hasn’t had to go through a ton of “lessons” before they got it right and ultimately succeeding.

In fact MLM is basically a game of failing over and over again until you succeed. Take prospecting for instance. Is there any chance that every person that you’re going to talk to about your MLM business opportunity it going to join you? Nope. It’s just not feasible and you know it. That would be about as insane as expecting that every single person who went to the grocery store was going to buy olive oil. No, not every person does buy olive oil, but enough people do buy it that it keeps a number of olive oil companies in business.

But it’s not only about the numbers game theory either…

It’s also about learning when things don’t work out, and figuring out WHY it didn’t work out, and how you can tweak it so that it works out more often. That’s called increasing your conversions, and doing that is basically a way to learn from your failures.

Babe Ruth was a great homerun hitter. That’s what he’s known for. But he actually had a gawd awful batting average, and struck out more than he hit the ball. But is he known for his strikeouts? Nope…in fact most people don’t ever realize that he was a better striker-outer (is that a word?) than he was a homerun hitter.

How to Put This MLM Advice to Practice…

If you’re making cold calls, and you have a script, then you may close 2 out of every hundred people that you call. The fact is though, that if you tweak that script a little bit by your intuition of how the person on the other end of the phone had responded, then you’ll likely increase the number of people you close within the next hundred. So you may close 3 or 4 out of 100 the next time around. And then if you do the same thing, you may increase it again, until you start closing maybe even 10 or 20 out of every 100.

The fact is however that with each person that says NO, you can learn a little something about why that may have been the case – or what you MAY have been able to do differently. In fact, you could even ask them…

“What part of my call did not resonate with you.” And with the answer you’ll learn a little something.

But nevertheless, no matter what none of those 100 people you’ve called were failed upon. Each one of them taught you a lesson. Those lessons, as well as this MLM advice you’ve gotten to highly regard those lessons can and will skyrocket your chances of MLM success.


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