MLM Advice – How Important Is Your Company to Your MLM Success?

MLM AdviceSo many people come to me asking for MLM advice, and then start telling me how great there company is.

While it is important to be a huge fan of your company and the products that the company represents, you have to also remember that the most important thing is the marketing behind the company.

You see, everything comes down to marketing and influence. And of course you can influence people to join your business opportunity or use your products much easier if you also love them, but the emphasis should be on your marketing message.

Here’s What I Mean With This MLM Advice

There are tons and tons of MLM companies out there these days. Thousands even. And basically just like anything else, some are better than others. Many have similar products in the health niche, or in niches such as household products, make up, or any sort of niche that is consumable.

In the industry, most of the products created by MLM companies are far superior than anything that you could get at your local store, or supermarket. Far superior in quality!

In essence, most companies have great products, and are just about all even as far as quality goes, give or take a few exceptions.

Just as well, many have amazing compensation plans that pay very well. Most give amazing bonuses, and do a lot in order to get people like yourself to want to join their opportunity.

So all in all, if you stick with a well managed company that has a track record you’re pretty safe. And again it’s great to be a huge fan of your company, but the marketing is what gets people trying your products, and interested in your opportunity. Without the marketing, then everything else is useless.

When I give people the MLM advice that they should have their marketing be the priority of their business, not the love for their company, they look at me in shock. But the truth is no matter how great your company is, it’s not going to make you ANY money at all, without having great marketing in place.

Does This MLM Advice Annoy You?

If this advice I’m giving you for your home business is annoying you right now, then perhaps it’s because you’re focusing a little too much of your attention on your company. You may have fallen in love with your company just a little too much, put your blinders on, and now are looking past great marketing opportunities, betting on your products and company to drive your recruiting and your sales.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is that marketing is what counts most in this industry. In fact, your company could fall off the face of the earth tomorrow, and you should be able…with the right type and quality of marketing…be able to bounce right back and create MLM success again with another company.

That’s what great marketing does… it creates freedom for you, and doesn’t hold you hostage to any company or product. Knowing how to use great marketing for MLM means that you can use that marketing and the principals that you’ve learned, and create great marketing messages for any company out there and achieve success.

If you take any MLM advice today, take the advice that you must focus on proven marketing strategies first.


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