How to Use Twitter for Your MLM Business


how_to_use_twitterSo I guess maybe this Twitter thing might actually catch on huh? LOL

Twitter is huge, and it’s growing like mad each and every single day. Of course for MLM it’s a great tool, because it’s a new way to communicate with people and to even perhaps find prospects.

But let’s be real. Just like everything else, people are abusing the crap out of this and turning this innocent looking little blue birdie into a cesspool of SPAM and uselessness.

Why people would try to ruin things is beyond me but of course just like with Myspace they’re doing it again. Now I’m sure any readers of mine have the decency to use Twitter responsibly and not ruin it for everyone else, but maybe you can forward this article over to your friends or to your downline who aren’t as responsible.

So how should you use Twitter to grow your network marketing business?

Well, Perry Belcher, one of the foremost minds when it comes to social media says it best when he says that you have to think of Twitter as a party. I’m paraphrasing here but Perry says that if you were to go to a party and start selling your opportunity as soon as you open your mouth, you’ll quickly get the reputation as being the dumbass of the party. And he’s right, and you would.

So why then would you go on Twitter and start sending out 10 rapid fire Tweets about your opportunity?

Now nobody is saying that you shouldn’t or can’t talk about your opportunity. You’d be a fool not to, but mix it up a bit. I certainly do at times. But give out some info about you first. Let your followers peer into who you are a bit, what you’re actually doing, and then shoot them a link or two. They’ll be much more receptive that way!

If you can give people a true reason why to click on a link about your opportunity then you’re much better off than just keep sending people to your opportunity link.

If you have a blog, send them there to relevant blog posts, and pre-sell your opportunity to them there. Besides it’s much easier to do there with more than 140 characters.

Next, don’t collect numbers, collect followers. In fact following a ton of people with some crazy software that guarantees you 20,000 followers a day is crazy. It’s much better to seek tweeps (twitter peeps) out selectively.

There are tons and tons of people online who are interested in starting a business from home. Some people just lost their jobs, some people just had a baby, some people just got a new car, some are falling behind on their payments, and some are tired of paying bills over and over.

You can actually seek these people out at and when you search “just had the baby”, “just found out we’re pregnant”, “need a second job” etc… You can see all of the people who just tweeted those things and begin following them immediately.

It’s very likely that they’ll follow you back, and then you can get to know them a bit, share parts of yourself with them, and guide them to your opportunity.

And last but not least …put a real picture of yourself, and not some dumb logo up. First of all we’re branding ourselves, and second, people want to connect with people, not logo’s. Begin to Brand YOURSELF and you will begin to become a magnet for Followers in a very short period of time.

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