The One Characteristic You MUST Have to Attain Success with Your Home Based Business…

successful_personHave you ever met a successful person? I have… I’ve met many…and have even helped a great deal of those attain their success. But the there were some people I couldn’t help no matter what. No matter what skills I taught them to achieve greatness with their home based business I couldn’t get them to break through.

Do you know why?

Because they were lacking something that is crucial to achieve success in a home based business…or actually any endeavor in life.

If you’re guessing it’s confidence then you’re wrong although that is important. If you’re guessing high self esteem you’re still wrong…and you’re even wrong if you’re guessing ability or talent.

Nope, that one “something” was a characteristic called BELIEF. To be more specific SELF BELIEF!

You see it’s actually quite amazing and even a little weird how someone can have all of those elements above, and tons of talent, yet still not succeed if they don’t have total rock solid belief that they can achieve whatever it is they’re trying to achieve.

In my past I’ve seen it of course with people trying to succeed in network marketing; as well as people trying to succeed in the entertainment business; and people in general wanting to succeed with a home based business.

It’s almost as if belief knocks down the barrier to success. In fact it’s actually even weirder when my wife Ann and I train someone who doesn’t seem to have any skills that would convey that they were going to be even remotely successful with a home based business, yet because they have an unshakable belief in the fact that they’re going to succeed anyways.

That notion goes across the spectrum of life really. You would be amazed how many insanely wealthy people are basically bumbling idiots. But don’t mistake their success for luck…it’s not luck at all. It can 99% of the time be attributed to belief in themselves that says come hell or high water they are going to succeed.

The First Steps Toward Creating Belief…

One of the fastest ways that you can go about starting to create a belief system in yourself is to simply look around you. The fact is that somebody has very likely achieved exactly what you’re setting out to achieve. If its success with a home based business then there are numerous places to see evidence of that…this blog is one of them.

What you have to realize is that if someone else has achieved something, it’s evidence that it’s possible for you as well. But you have to really get that fact embedded in your mind and you have to work on keeping it there.

One of the greatest ways to do this is to actually meet and speak to the person that’s achieved the same dreams that you’re after. What will happen is that you’ll quickly see that this person isn’t much different than you at all. In fact us humans whether rich, famous, or otherwise are all pretty much alike in more ways than we’re different.

If the person is unobtainable then there are always books in form of autobiographies and biographies.

A good recent example of this is with Oprah Winfrey. How many people look at Oprah Winfrey everyday and wish that they could be Oprah…or at least be like her. But it’s likely that very quickly the thought jumps right into their mind that nah…I could never do that. She’s special and I’m just me.

But there’s a new biography out that apparently tells a lot about Ms. O’ and hearing excerpts of that book actually puts Oprah at quite the disadvantage to where she’s at now. She grew up poor, and was sexually molested. Most people would think that a person in that situation wouldn’t ever grow up to be anything special at all. But Oprah did because she had a belief system that helped her get there no matter what.

If someone in her situation at an early age could get to where she is now…what’s stopping you from getting even further.

Here’s the deal. It’s likely that the one biggest obstacle you’re facing right now…whether you realize it or not…is your belief in yourself. But start building this now, and you’ll be amazed how quickly that barrier to success is knocked down. The watch your home based business begin to explode!


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